June and I started our collaboration in the mid-eighties when June recognized some pictograms I’d included in my book Dolphins, Extraterrestrials & Angels as telepathic glyphs and wanted to animate them. June had been teaching herself computer graphics since it had first became available and had mastered the early technology to the extent that she was teaching it professionally . She was able to reproduce the pictograms in slowly changing, beautifully hued, cycle-animations, deepening their meaning and turning them into exquisite visual mantras.

“Painting with light,” as June used to call it.

This led to an ambitious plan to turn one of my children's’ stories about the emergence of the Goddess into a short animated video. Over the years of working with these primitive paint programs we produced a number of interesting and provocative images, some of which we turned into an intriguing line of greeting cards. Unfortunately, we also found ourselves frustrated by the shortcomings of the available software to adequately illustrate the children’s book as we had originally conceived it. This gradual discovery was paralleled by changes in the computer business wherein large companies swallowed smaller ones, multiple-orphaning the original computers and their users.

This discouraging situation ultimately provoked June back to drawing by hand and soon we were finding we were able to work on the same piece simultaneously, each one of us drawing into and around the work of the other, to produce a coherent image that was as unplanned as it was unexpected.

Starting in 2002 we’ve now taken our collaboration to a new level by producing a series of graphics celebrating the female principle. Since we live in very different parts of the country this is accomplished by sending the graphic back and forth, each of us adding elements until the visual narrative is complete. Both of us work in pencil and dry pigments, but with very differing techniques as to the way we lay down color. Over time, however, we’ve learnt to integrate our two styles into a seamlesswhole, with the final image emerging fully from our collective vision.

Although both of us carry on creating works on our own, our collaborative enterprise continues to stimulate both of us to dig deeper into the World Mind to find and explore images of female power and compassion that reconcile as they mystify.

Selected Graphic Collaborations


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