Whatever Happened to the Maitraya?

Waterbirthing: The New Masters Come In

Valley of Initiation

The Angelic Dimension

Speak to the Earth and the Earth Will Speak to You

The Dolphin Reality

The Glastonbury Portal

Far Journeys

Into the Still Center

Seeing into the Unseen

The following short essays were written for the online newsletter 'Inner Voice' and generally concern the impact of spiritual intelligences on contemporary life on this planet.

Exposing the Wargod

Ending the War

Global Shamanism

The Age of God

Life Beyond Death

The Pulse of Life

The Universal Garden

Joining in the Heart

Times of Testing Faith

Learning from Catastrophe

I am including the following three essays, all written between 1979 and 1981, and which formed a broad conceptual context for my ongoing explorations of other intelligences.

Speculative Scenarios

Phencyclidine and Ketamine

Written in 2003 Written in 2011

The Entheogenic Impulse

The Enigma of the
Near Death Experience

The Return of the Rebel