The Old Man

This is one of the first images that Juno and I attempted to draw simultaneously, without having any preconceived idea of what might appear. Drawing in ink on a translucent parchment, each of us on either side of the table, adding lines here and there until an overall gestalt appears. At that point, Juno flips the parchment over and, on a light table, creates a subtle coloring to emphasize the relevant features.


The Passionate Revelation





The Archaic Revival

To nurture our planet the wise woman reaches out to the Devic realm to co-create the New Reality.



The Night Journey

It is only by understanding and accepting the subtle points of the feminine principle, that we advance into the galactic night.


Passages of Earth

Her body sprawls across time and space, a vast consciousness who holds our collective destiny in her hands.


Evolution of Wisdom

It is axiomatic to say that it is the choices we make that shape our lives and our realities. As spiritual beings in a material world we need the deepest experience of both the darkness and the light to evolve to higher levels of consciousness.


Piercing the Veil

In this, our fourth graphic in this series, we approached it with a rather clearer concept of what we wanted to explore. A young woman, full of creative potential, steps confidently into a new world replete with choices and not without its dangers. Can she sustain the vision while the species is transforming itself? Like The Fool in the Tarot deck, stumbling trustingly into the unknown, will she slip on the mossy stones and fall into the jaws of something far worse?


Pax Natura

It remains the most mysterious of processes as to where these images come from. In any close collaboration it becomes increasingly difficult to establish who exactly contributes what. This becomes even more challenging when there is no clear preconception of what we are trying to say with the image. But allowing the image to speak for itself, to grow organically, each of us focussing on what we like to do best, a deeper truth emerges.


Re-enchanting the World

The second in our series of visual explorations of female power, our graphic suggests that it is only by acknowledging and working with the female energy, in both seen and unseen forms, that we will bring the Earth back into balance.


Falling Into Time

Having realized that we can work on the same images, that our drawing styles, though very different, are compatible enough to produce a coherent final result, we started in on our first large graphic. Since we live in different parts of the world, we had to achieve this by sending the piece back and forth, each of us adding to the overall picture. As the image emerged and it started taking on a deeper meaning, we both felt we were embarking on a graphic exploration of the emerging female energies.


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