Dolphins, ETs, and Angels

This book emerged as a result of a series of experiences I had in the early 1980s. I'd always had an interest in non-human intelligences stimulated first by some powerful entheogenic encounters in the 1960s and then by a near-death experience in 1973 in which I saw angels and came to realize, with a complete inner certainty, that other levels of reality exist. When the dolphins telepathically tapped me on the shoulder in 1981 I was free of the spiritual community I'd been in for the best part of 15 years and ready for a new interspecies adventure. What I had no idea of at the time is the extraordinarily large field of human and non-human intelligences this would involve.

By the time I had pulled all the experiences together into a book in 1984, I realized I'd been shown that our planet is being shepherded lovingly through a global transformation in consciousness by a variety of beings from other dimensions and other levels of reality and that this reality in which we live can best be regarded as a kindergarten in the vast university of eternal life.

Finally understanding this through visceral experience I resolved to keep notes on the developments I saw happening all around me. Holding this vision seems to have had the effect of opening a floodgate of sentience, as the adventures have continued unabated for the last 20 years.

I originally planned to publish a book every decade as a sort of summary of what I had observed and learned up to that date. DETA is the first book of this series.

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Dolphins, ETs & Angels: Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences

Wyllie, Timothy

This is a stunning spontaneous EHE autobiography. I use the word stunning psychologically, physiologically, spiritually. My heart is racing, my blood is up, my feet are tingling, my mind is supercharged, and I feel I’m about to take off. (This, by the way, is an example of a literary EE.) I’ve only read one chapter and this is supposed to be an abstract I am writing. I will just review the contents of the book in order to keep this in bounds. Then I will read the rest of the book and write an EHE portrait of the author. If that, too, fails because of lack of space, look for this in EHE or EHE News as a book review article!

Wyllie is an obviously highly intelligent person trained as an architect who was co-creator of a dedicated community for 15 years of highly intensive activity affording only a few hours of sleep a day. Until opened by his experiences, he was adamant in believing, as science tells us we should, only what came to him empirically via his senses. He learned—a hard and glorious way—how wrong his approach had been. By extension, so may we all who look to objective empirical verification as the only road to follow when determining what is true. Even this is a fantasy, and in the realest of all senses, our world itself my well be imaginal (not imaginary). Every major change in his life was initiated by an exceptional experience, which Wyllie was perceptive enough to work with and grow by, becoming more than he was before he had these startling experiences, including being home to a nest of hallucinated (?) snakes, an OBE in which he died and chose to come back, a visit to heaven, synchronicity, telepathic rapport with dolphins, rescue by dolphins, experiences with aliens, dreams, automatic writing, cosmic consciousness, awareness of a conscious universe, rise of psychic ability, experiences of mythic reality, a network of light, sympathizing with the devil, trance mediumship, inklings of planetary stewardship, ET experiences, and angelic experiences. Intertwined with the EEs is the story of the evolution of the consciousness and being of the narrator, who would doubtless be certified as crazy by some, but whose sense and sensibility, intelligence and humor, compassion and caring are evident from the first page to the last. I have only scanned the book to keep this short, but it makes me want to shout: "Get off the slow boat of the status quo which is headed for destruction! Let go and join the current of what Wyllie, in typical low key, describes as ‘areas of necessity blurred’ " (p. 2). This is most likely the world of the imaginal, which is formed of both objective and subjective, and it is surely the carrier wave of the future!

Publisher Information: Santa Fe: Bear, 1992. 221p. 6 figs (Original work published 1884)


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