Exposing the Wargod

“Great good will come out of all this,” so said my Inner Voice after the initial shock of hearing about the events of September 11th. had worn off. At the time it felt almost too naively optimistic a spiritual sound bite to pass on, but over the years I’ve learned to trust that Voice--it’s generally right in the long run.

Now, as the dust is settling somewhat, perhaps we can step back from the raw emotions the events evoke and take stock of might be happening from the larger perspective of a planet in transformation.

To back up a moment: One of the most valuable pieces of information that emerged out of the Harmonic Convergence experience of 1987 was the concept of the imminent exposure of the war god. Who exactly was the war god was never clearly defined, but our imaginations can fill in the blanks--I see it as the amalgamation of all the warlike thoughts and actions that have driven our species over the millennia, a habit pattern, if you like, a quasi- sentient being, baked into the astral realms and making any movement towards violence and war that much more natural. Or, so it would seem.

The profound shift in the Mayan calender that occurred in 1987 was paralleled by the far more wide-ranging final reconciliation of the rebellion among the angels that has so disastrously affected life on this planet for the last couple of hundred thousand years. Word has it that we’re being returned to normalcy, but it isn’t happening overnight. Planetary transformations this far-reaching have their own natural rhythms and we have many thousands of years of warlike ways to let go of.

Almost all spiritual traditions speak of a period of cleansing as being essential to transformation . These times have to start with an honest evaluation and exposure of what has failed in the past. This is true for us as individuals as it is of cultures and societies and it is just as invariably unpleasant and uncomfortable to live through, as the events of 9/11 are so amply demonstrating.

The formal ending of the angelic rebellion also brings with it the promise of certain cosmic circuits--cut when the planet declared open revolt--finally reopening. The effect of this can be likened, perhaps, to gradually increasing the heat under a saucepan of chicken soup. The dross will rise to the surface to be skimmed off. Or, like boils on the global body of humanity, the healing crisis forces the poisons up and out.

Of course, this isn’t to justify either the criminal actions of terrorists or the violent excesses of the nation states that seek to suppress them. We are all, as a global community, moving irrevocably towards truth, beauty and goodness, guided by principles older and wiser than humankind, and part of this process must involve an acting out of all the ingrained distortions, the hatreds and the lies that have accumulated over our long period of planetary isolation. Until the real issues are there on the surface they cannot be owned and released.

As difficult as these times are, immense gifts also come with this period of cleansing. As the circuits open so also do the higher orders of spiritual intelligence--angels and spirit guides--move that much closer to us, as the veil between the worlds grows more transparent. The experiment that this planet has represented-- that of isolation from our natural spiritual birthright, from an everyday knowledge of a loving Universe and the down-to-earth reality of angels and extraterrestrials--is soon to end.

In the normal development of evolutionary intelligence no worlds were ever intended to become isolated from their spiritual sources. The angelic rebellion changed all that and for the last 203,000 years our planet has been among those quarantined and largely left to our own devices.
On the positive side of things this has allowed us to develop our muscles of faith and to become (so we are told) an extremely valuable asset to the galactic community. Those who are capable of “believing without seeing” are, apparently, a rare breed in a vast and benign Universe, teeming with life and lovingly cared for by almost numberless ranks of angels and archangels.

So, take heart in these troubled times and realize that through all this we all come to possess, one way or another, a compassion born of suffering at which beings on more normal worlds can only wonder.


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© 2001 Timothy Wyllie


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