Sidestepping: FΔ Superimpostitions and the Hologrammic Reality-Parts I and II

Part One: Sidestepping Death

Off Jamaica 1960

While swimming in the sea he is pulled out into the ocean by an unexpected undertow. The land disappears beneath the horizon and he weakens fast, struggling, drinking in mouthfuls of seawater. He loses consciousness. He is drowning.

When he opens his eyes he finds he has been washed up on the deserted beach of a small island.

* * *

Vietnam in 1966
He and a number of other soldiers are working on and around the main ammunition dump. It must have been a V.C. rocket because without any warning the dump explodes.
One-hundred eighty four military personnel are killed outright, most of them considerably farther away from the dump than he. He is scarcely touched.

* * *

N.Y.C. in 1979

Taking a bath in her apartment she slips on a piece of soap and falls hard. As she is going down she catches the underside of her nose on the sink. She feels the bone splinter and like a karate chop, thrust high up into her brain. She knows she is dying.

She lies unconscious for a few minutes. When she pulls herself to her feet she finds her nose has returned to normal with only a slight bruise to show for the experience.
These are three true incidents of unexplainable and outrageously narrow escapes from death. Many of us have probably had somewhat similar examples, some less, some possibly more dramatic than those above, but the feature, in all cases, does not necessarily lie in how narrow the escape, but in the curiously miraculous nature of the survival.

If we leave aside such notions as luck or chance we are faced with a seemingly paradoxical factor. Here are people in whom the statistical evidence of imminent death is overwhelming and yet all have survived in excellent condition.

Whatever is going on? What mysterious event happened at that moment to allow them to survive? Is this a very common experience that simply has not been noticed before? Has it always been this way or is this a new phenomenon? Although this is an area which by its nature is extremely hard to research, I believe there are a growing number of such examples. Certainly enough to warrant serious study of what might have occurred in those last few moments.

The FΔ (F-Delta Effect)

I have suggested in an earlier paper that there appears to be a possibility that we may be witnessing a covert intervention by future entities into the 20th. Century consensual reality.

Over the past few years, the signs of this intervention have become an abundant and growing body of data, and most of it, necessarily, highly personal. Having set aside the possibility that I was either going crazy or that I was projecting the simulations of my own wishes for future intervention, I decided to proceed on an ‘as-if-true’ basis. The subject matter of this essay concerns thoughts and observations as to how this intervention might be accomplished.

A co-investigator, Jonathan Herbert, and I have have named the speculation of a future intervention the FΔ effect, and we have called these emergent future entities FΔ personalities. This personality appears to superimpose itself onto the vibratory resonance of a person’s present time personality with the intention of integrating with it. I believe this FΔ personality cannot only be met and observed in some cases when the subject is in a radically altered state of consciousness, but is also spontaneously starting to emerge in ‘normal everyday’ consciousness in many young people (under 35).

I have no way of knowing whether this is a general worldwide phenomenon or one that is happening to a relatively select few. I suspect that it is the latter, since history has consistently shown us that changes in consciousness or world view can be brought about by remarkably small numbers of highly creative people. It appears, too, that the quantum leap in consciousness suggested by some leading thinkers that is about to significantly upstep our quality of “Beingness” and thus our perception of reality, and may be linked with this future intervention. Could it be that this upstepping process is being orchestrated or even contrived by them?

Intervention from the Future

If there is a possibility that entities from our distant future are currently involving themselves in world affairs, then we can expect a certain amount of telltale signs of their activity. However, because of the problems inherent in time travel we can also expect these signs are, in the main, concealed from us. The best way of concealing factors, which if realized might well upset the fabric of the present, would be for these entities to be operating outside out field of comprehension. It certainly seems to hold true that what one cannot conceive, one cannot perceive, and that when something can be conceived, one stands a much better chance at being able to observe it. Just as the 15th. Century natives of Terra della Fuego literally could not see Magellan’s boats because they had never considered the possibility of travel by sea, so might these personalities by functioning largely outside the prevalent belief systems of the 20th Century, and thus outside our ability to perceive them.

The object of this essay is to examine in the light of recent theories in physics and biology, the possible manner in which a future and more advanced society might intervene in the current world upheavals. These speculations involve an intellectual and, more importantly, an intuitive understanding of the implications of recent ideas on hologrammic consciousness as well as the highly controversial ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation of quantum mechanics. I am therefore including a brief summary of these models since it is through this sort of expansion of our conventional world view that we might achieve a brief glimpse of the activities of these FΔ personalities.

The Many-Worlds Interpretation

A fundamental aspect of Quantum Theory rests with the apparent particle/wave ‘duality’ of matter, an old controversy which has largely been resolved by the observation that on a fundamental level matter behaves as both particles and waves, dependent on circumstances.

When an electron, or in the case of light, a photon, is presented with the ‘choice’ of alternatives, its ‘decision’ seems to be made in a random fashion from the specific options open to it at the moment of choice. Granted, its choice may be weighted statistically in certain directions so that some outcomes are more likely than others in a given situation, but in principle, any of the options open to it may occur. The particles in my pen, for example, could all happen to move in such a way as to make it levitate, but it is much more likely that the particles will interact with one another so as to produce a pen that does not float off my desk.

Applied to a more human situation, with the understanding that our actions are the sum of a great many choices being made on a quantum level every moment, what this interpretation of Quantum Theory suggests is that not only that everything is possible, but that multiple choices are really taking place, with each choice branching off the main stream of events and developing as a separate universe. There will be a ‘universe’ or a ‘reality stream’ originating from the pen that did float away. There will be reality streams without pens at all, or me, or theories like this one.

The conclusion that can be reached through this approach is that a series of parallel universes or reality streams rather like an infinite stack of movie films, each differing from the next, and predicated on which choice was made at any given point.

As John Gribben points out in his excellent book, ‘Time Warps’, all time travel within the Many Worlds Model can be seen as implicitly involving travel sideways in time. In a sense, moving across the parallel ‘reality streams’ or time tracks, should allow an entity capable of this form of time travel to interact with a reality stream essentially coexistent with his own but which had its start at an alternative branching point. I have called this process ‘sidestepping’ and I am suggesting that it is an available technique to FΔ personalities who, in a moment of imminent death, are able to ‘sidestep’ their reality (literally their Universe) into a parallel but similar Universe that contains a higher probability of their survival. This, then, could be said to be one of the ‘telltale’ signs of FΔ presence.

This model allows us a very important insight. It provides us with a way around the paradox inherent in backward time travel, that of returning to the past and, for instance, killing my own grandfather. Would I then continue to exist?

This view of the Many Worlds interpretation suggests consensus (present time) reality is the sum total of all the quantum choices made on every level at any given point, so we can reasonably assume that consensus reality can therefore be modulated if sufficient choices can be made to predetermine a new pattern of reality. The issue of my individual decision to kill my grandfather then becomes irrelevant in the larger picture of an overall reality shift.

This gives us a strong clue as to the possible nature of the FΔ intervention and, since they would presumably have the entire span of human history to play with, it seems likely that we will see evidence of this intervention as a historical stream of events.

Reality Engineering

Assuming the FΔ construct as a working model, let us take a closer look at what is entailed in modulating a reality from an overall point of view, without irrevocably upsetting its inherent integrity.

As I have suggested, to avoid the paradoxes that accompany returning to the past on an individual level, it is possible that the only way of producing the necessary modulation would be to seed the past over a long period with FΔ personalities carrying with them future world views. This would both soften the shock of an intervention by giving it a historical perspective as well as seeding past reality streams with future memories.

At least one object of this historical legacy would be to leech out many of the purely negative imprints that we have developed as a race over the hundreds of thousands of years, baked, if you like, into our neurological circuitry. No doubt these imprints and engrams originally performed the function of precipitating us out of the trees and onto the plains but they have now turned back in on themselves and appear to have created a paranoid contentiousness that currently threatens our race’s survival.

These imprints evidently cannot be simply taken away because this very contentiousness is mixed in with a number of valuable characteristics like our aggressive curiosity and our courage in the face of the unknown. If this contentiousness is to be bled off then it is being done very slowly and very selectively.

Within this framework we can see that many of the significant thinkers and, in particular, the artists of the past, could well have been FΔ personalities. And, since the transformation of the race’s consciousness is a vast and encompassing venture, it would not be surprising if the existence of Art itself, for example, which appears to have no great part in our physical survival, might be an entirely FΔ concept. A slow inundation of physical reality by the world of the imagination.

At this point in linear history, as we move through the 60-year survival window*, it would be reasonable to assume that there must be numerous factors at work in the world’s cultures that are draining off this contentiousness. Though these influences are probably hidden and hard to perceive, and may well be couched in terms that we find unacceptable, they will be moving us inexorably towards a different form of consciousness.

* All technological races must come to terms with the energy source of their solar systems, which means the hydrogen fission/fusion process. Scientists therefore speculate there is an approximately 60-year make-or-break window of survival through which a race then has to move.

These factors are leading us all to a more introspective world of imagination and fantasy manipulation and when complete, will represent a total break with the traditional ego-bound, authoritarian, dog-eat-dog approach to everyday life.

In Part II, I shall examine the possible manner in which a more advanced culture might utilize holographic projections upon which to superimpose and modulate the contemporary consensus reality stream.

Part II: The Snake Pit

Some years ago, after eating a cup full of ground hallucinogenic morning glory seeds and, rather unwisely, going to a party, I found myself lying face downwards on a blue, deep-piled bedroom carpet.

I’d been sick as a dog and, as so often happens with powerful entheogens, I had vomited out most of my tension. It was with some surprise, therefore, that I opened my eyes to see a long, green and black snake curled facing me with glistening black eyes, about two feet away. As I watched in motionless fascination, the snake uncoiled and started gliding through the pile towards me. All else in the room appeared perfectly normal, but I could not move.

The snake lifted its head off the carpet, the flicking tongue played over my face as it rippled the length of its body nearer me. Then something happened that only after all these years I am starting to fully come to terms with.

Without further ado, the snake slid into my right eye socket. As I felt it disappearing into my body, I sensed a massive wriggling in my stomach followed by my lower throat distending. A large snake then emerged flowing out of my wide-open mouth.

I have amnesed much of what followed, but I have a sense of being a home and a nest for countless serpents as they wriggled and slid in and out of my body for the next eight hours.
Now, how am I going to confront this event? In medical or psychiatric terms it was clearly a hallucination. But one so solid and convincingly ‘real’ that it turned part of my hair grey overnight? An hallucination as well-structured as that poses in my mind obvious questions about the nature of reality itself.

If I can hallucinate those snakes, then what else am I hallucinating? Or could it be that ‘reality’ itself is a form of hallucination that doesn’t arouse our suspicions because we have a general agreement (which itself doubtless feeds the solidity of the hallucination) about the cohesive nature of overall reality. The anomalies that appear in this somewhat fragile structure are either ignored, explained away or continue to puzzle us.

The Hologrammic World View

When I first came across the hologrammic memory system suggested by Karl Pribham and then later the hologrammic views of Paul Pietsch, the implicit and explicit realities of the English philosopher, David Bohm, and most recently the morphogenetic theories of biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, I started to find a model of reality that moved toward explaining the snakes. Please understand that the reality-view that is emerging is on culled from my interpretation of the thoughts of these thinkers interwoven with personal experience, and doesn’t necessarily represent their conclusions.

The Hierarchy of Realities explicated by the genius tinkerer, Ben Bentov, seems a good place to start. He lays life-forms out along a scale in which the matrix is one of frequency of options. More complex entities can deal with more options and, after a certain point in the scale, could be said to be more emotionally, intellectually and possibly spiritually mature than the preceding life forms. In humans we speak of metanoia, or God-consciousness, or a peak moment (Maslov), as an intensified and faster vibration because that is the subjective sensation. We have upstepped our own everyday state of consciousness into producing a broadening of options. Thus, if an accelerated vibratory rate results in a broadening and deepening of thought and behavior, we can assume future entities, entities who have already accomplished not only this quantum leap in contelligence,** but other future mutations in consciousness, have vastly accelerated rates of vibration.

Applying hologrammic thinking, we can speculate that each living entity (‘Sentient Being’ of Buddhism) is a reality generator. Ripples of information are being generated on an ongoing basis, circling out from each of us as the ripples on the surface of a pond, giving exact information about the stone that caused the disturbance.

All this action, of course, takes place within the context of the standing wave that is Universe itself; The Spirit of God, the omnipresent meta-ripple, the sum of all the information in the sum of all possible universes.

Perhaps a religious metaphor helps visualization at this point. In most significant cosmologies we see a difference drawn between the Manifest or Living God, and the Unmanifest or Hidden God. The first is seen as the unfurling of the evolution of consciousness, of a God manifest in his Creation and can account for the sense of having a soul, which is both eternal and a living part of God. The second, unmanifest, aspect of the creator is the ground or plenum within which everything can manifest. The standing wave of Universe itself.

So, as you can see, we have the makings of a good hologram. The initial coherent energy source is the creator who splits into two in some grand mitotic gesture. The unmanifest ground becomes the reference beam and the manifest presence of God in all things becomes the working beam. And it is the interference patterns that result from the interaction of these two primary wave fronts that create the hologram we call reality.

One of the strengths of this model of reality is that it can account for any amount of anomalies because it essentially posits that each individual generator interacts directly with the reference beam or ‘God’, and creates its own reality. A warthog will generate a warthog reality, an E. Coli an E. Coli’s reality. A rock will even co-create its rocky reality by information generated as to its nature, interacting with the reference beam, or the standing wave of Universe.

If this is so then we find ourselves in the honorous position of creating our own realities with consensus reality being a kind of overlapping hodgepodge of common denominators.

Ladder of Selves

For the next step, we have to have an understanding of what Colin Wilson* calls the ‘ladder of selves.’ He concludes, from an analysis of multiple personality cases plus his own experiences and a good knowledge of the occult, that we all exist on our own hierarchy of levels or ladders of selves. Similar to Bentov’s scale, the ascendent ladder brings more complex ‘selves’ into play. Often, he reports, these ‘selves’ are complete and structured personalities which, although co-habitating the same body, generally have no knowledge of each other.

Although the classic examples of multiple personality splits are extreme examples, most of us have experienced very radical personality shifts in our lives. Sometimes it is indeed as if a totally new personality has taken over. And yet, like the individual personalities within multiple personality disorders it must have been developing and maturing parallel to the primary personality.

This ‘stacking of selves,’ from our lowest most obdurate ‘selves’ to our highest and most Godlike ones, seems to lend itself to hologrammic thinking. By considering the individual energy generator as a ladder of habituated resonances, the soul, the “I” or the essential mobile consciousness, can alight and manifest through any number of these ‘selves.’ Each ‘self’ is presumably creating its own reality on an ongoing basis by interacting with the reference beam of the plenum.

The personality changes that we are starting to see happen to us and our friends and colleagues are sometimes so profound that at both lower and upper ends of this scale it is possible to feel ‘possessed’ by those ‘selves.’

Within this model of reality construction, the central nervous system or energy generator, in this case of a human being, can be seen as a hologrammic matrix which is modulated by a series or ‘selves,’ and what I have earlier called the FΔ superimposition is, in all probability, one of those ‘selves.’

FΔ Integration

In the cases I have been able to observe, the FΔ personality appears to settle into the vibrational frequency of the everyday persona, gradually habituating itself into the resonances of this dominant ‘self.’ Perhaps it seeps into all of the ‘selves’ in some way too.

It is during this transitionary stage that there can be considerable access to the previously hidden FΔ personality through general consciousness-raising methods. Hypnosis, meditation and entheogens for example, can all lead to the FΔ’s accelerated emergence.

It is important to realize that these FΔ personalities do not come crashing through our defenses. All possible thought seems to have been given by a very

profound intelligence to their harmonious integration into the Central Nervous System. Of course, errors do happen. Changing the consciousness of a race is of necessity a significant and complex task. There are some 20th. Century Central Nervous Systems who simply cannot tolerate the superimposition. Sometimes a personality will disintegrate into schizophrenia or the multiple personality disorders previously mentioned. Sometimes one sees cases of what my colleague Randy Trout has termed Time Sickness. With so many people exploring different methods of accelerating their consciousness, there are bound to be some distortions.

Bu the overall process appears to be benign. Those with emergent FΔ personalities are becoming truly transformed people. Whole people.

The FΔ Mutation

Biologists point out that a mutational leap in a species’ growth cycle will take place as a result of unprecedented stress. In many biological systems this can take the form of the stress of predation or, more recently, as a result of some of man’s attempts to chemically eradicate a particular species. All result in the kind of conditions that provoke a survival tactic designed to make the stressful conditions work for the species rather than to eliminate it. Recent, though still tentative, research in biology has produced a return to Lamarkism by suggesting that traits acquired during an entities’ lifetime can be passed on genetically to its offspring.

From outside the scientific blinkers it has always been obvious that both methods of evolving are in operation. What is certainly true is that Lamarkism holds for creatures with consciousness. It is patently clear that humans not only pass on the genes but also genetically or not, pass on their ideas and hopes (their memes) and many of the deepest of their traits to their children.

Looking at current human conditions in most of the advanced societies of this century, we can see that there is steady movement towards more stressful environments. We are increasingly faced with the choice of either deploring these conditions, or of working with them in a cooperative manner to nurture the inevitable mutation of consciousness that these stress-inducing factors must be producing.

If Julian Jaynes* is proven to be correct in his conclusion that the human race experienced a radical shift in consciousness in the third millennium B.C., then that shift can also be shown to be in part, anyway, a result of the tremendous increases in the complexity of life experienced in that millennia.

Extending Jayne’s conclusions for a moment, I believe that what we may be currently witnessing is a new access to the hallucinated voices of our right brains, and that the cultural interpretation of the voices is no longer perceived as ‘The Gods’ but can now be seen as the pre-emergent FΔ personality: Entities or personalities from our own future. As is becoming more apparent with time, it is the seriousness of the current crisis which might, in all likelihood, be precipitating this intervention and the future is merely using the dormant faculties of our central nervous systems upon which to superimpose the FΔ personalities. Given this supposition and relating it to the fact that the death point is the most intensely stressful situation an entity faces, it is at this point we should be able to see the manifestation of the FΔ interaction most clearly.

This leads us back to the start of this essay and to the hypothesis that those with FΔ superimpositions in place can avoid death. At the moment of potential death, they sidestep or are sidestepped by the FΔ personality, into a parallel universe in which statistical probability dictates their continued existence. The stress literally becomes a life and death factor and the FΔ personality ‘sidesteps’ into a survival reality. Within the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics the reality stream in which the body dies continues, but for obvious reasons we have no way of observing it.

In conclusion, it appears that as a race, we are being shuffled bit by bit into an alternative reality that can survive the current crisis, to move through the 60-year window and become the very future that is responsible for guiding this transformation.


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