Global Shamanism: Exposure of the Wargod, Part Three

There has never been a better time in recent history to see and appreciate the Wargod in action. All the disguises are down. Raw power and imperialistic ambitions on the one hand, cruelty and oppression, on the other, are all now shamefully obvious. The so-called War on Terrorism (although quite how you can make war on a noun defeats me) can now be seen for what it is--a veiled excuse to attack, invade or economically cripple any nation whose ideas and approaches, however invidious, are deemed unacceptable by the ruling elite.

In the three major conflicts of the last half-century, the Korean War, Vietnam and the first Gulf War, the justifications used by the Wargod all had some defensive reality (as this one might if Saddam presented a clear and present danger), or at least one had the feeling that the purveyors of those wars believed their own propaganda. With the situation as it is currently unfolding between the U.S.A. and Iraq, the imperial designs of the U.S. have now become obvious to all but the most patriotically stupefied.

As Henry Kissinger famously said, “Oil is too important to be left in the hands of the Arabs.” And it is clearly no coincidence that the leaders of the U.S. have more than a passing interest in oil.

It is also possible now to see the deeper spiritual function of the Wargod.


Occultists and metaphysicians have written extensively about the reality of thoughtforms. These quasi-entities are created by human beings and live as the monsters and demons of the lower astral regions. Like the demons of envy, hatred and anger, these thoughtforms are perfectly visible to sensitives who often report they can see, for example, daggers being hurled between people furious with one another. Equally, as everyone should know by now, thoughtforms of love and caring are palpable enough to make plants grow beautifully.

Make no mistake: thoughtforms are very real. Thoughtforms also operate on the like-attracted-to-like principle. An angry person will attract angry thoughtforms. And as anyone who has felt jealous will know, an almost uncontrollable emotion seems to possess one, often far in excess of any reasonable reaction. It feels literally as if one has been joined by a demon.

The Wargod operates in exactly the same way, but has remained largely elusive and disguised because this is a thoughtform that, by definition, only really affects the ruling elites of the various nations. The urge to dominate, to control, to secure what one has even as one grabs what someone else has; to think of one’s nation as being superior simply because it has developed superior technology, all these aberrant characteristics allow the Wargod access to the personalities involved.

The unfortunate truth of it is that our so-called leaders have become possessed. Just as the demon of jealousy will possess those who are jealous by nature, so will the Wargod possess those addicted to power. And like all addictions, the accumulation of power does nothing to satisfy the inner need for which power is the substitute. As with those addicted to money, who seem to gather increasingly larger amounts--far beyond the ability of any one person to spend in a lifetime--so those whose need for power is so great that they are obsessed with wielding more and more power.

Yet, if we dig a little deeper for the spiritual dynamic which is powering the necessity and existence of the Wargod, we find the inescapable fact of life in a dualistic reality is that it requires opposites to exist. Thus, peace cannot exist without war, as tenderness cannot exist without violence, or love without hate.


As I write in the third week of the Second Gulf War, many of us who consider ourselves light workers have experienced--amid our disgust at our leaders tragic miscalculations and public hypocrisy--a profound sense of loving exhilaration and a powerful desire to shine the light of hope that these events will activate a real sense of truth and justice in the world psychology.

Nations are collective group souls and learn much in the same way that individuals progress in their own spiritual growths. For, just as we all work our way up through our own mastering of our personal chakra systems, starting at birth with survival in our early years; then moving into the second chakra as our sexuality blossoms until we then we move into focusing our attention on the third chakra and seek to master power.

As we all know it is this third chakra that can give us the most problems. This is the core of the urge to dominate, to impose one’s beliefs or will on another; to think one is superior or, indeed, inferior to another. When this is magnified to the level of nation states and empires, it suggests that the collective souls of these nations are attempting to come to terms with the nature of power.

Factor into the equation the longer-held intuition shared by many in the True Age community and pointed to by ETs such as the Arcturians--who tell us that they underwent the massive shift in consciousness we are currently experiencing some 2,000 years ago--that this planet is moving from the third level of density (equivalent to the collective power chakra) to the fourth, the kingdom of the Heart.

As we discover in the course of our own spiritual growth, the art of dealing with extreme polarities is to hold the undesirable extreme in the imagination where we can release it without causing any damage. Thus, as in any relationship in which love and hate must necessarily exist side-by-side, the hatred can be acknowledged, laughed about sometimes, but contained within the realms of the imagination so that we lose our fears of it and it can then be released.

With this in mind, it is possible to see that there are people all over the world who are rising up and making their voices heard. A vast multitude have come to the conclusion that the use of aggression and violence is becoming counterproductive as a solution to the world’s problems. We all know there are better ways which have to be found. More and more people are becoming aware that, in order to bring an end to war, we have to stop being at war with ourselves. We all have personal experience of this. We have peaceful lives to precisely the extent that we have worked to resolve the conflicts within us.

Modern life has sadly supported what the psychologist Ronald Laing called “the divided self”. Hypocrisy has become the order of the day. “Governments lie,” warns the peoples’ historian, Howard Zinn. The political architects behind the U.S. administration’s insane lust for imperial power camouflage their true motives behind the scrim of humanitarianism--a ploy so transparent that it is laughing stock of the civilized world. Militarism and fundamentalist Christianity appear to go hand-in-hand in spite of the fact that Jesus Christ--the very lamb in whose blood they claimed to be washed--preached peace and love.

If I am correct and there is no way America can really win this war (unless they really have bought off the Iraqi regime) it would be the very best thing that happens for all. And if it doesn’t happen this time around, then it will surely occur down the line at some point, when America finally oversteps the mark.The arrogance and hubris at the heart of the regimes of both contenders will be brought out into the open for the world to see.

My hope is that in the years to follow, America will come to its senses and will finally fulfill its true manifest destiny and guide the way to peace and wise governance. In this way the Wargod, like all demons, is waking us up, and by activating our deeper intentions it becomes the Guardian of the threshold to the Kingdom of the Heart, will have served its Divine purpose.


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© 2003 Timothy Wyllie


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