The Angelic Dimension

I didn’t believe in angels either, until I had a near death experience. And there they were! Believe me, this was no hallucination. Being out of my body I was really paying attention. I saw and heard them, tier upon tier of singing, swaying angels, stretching as far up away into the distance. As real and solid an experience as I would ever want to have.

It was the last thing I expected and the near death experience left me simultaneously exhilarated and shaken to the core. The extraordinary strangeness of the event was almost too much for my conscious mind to handle and I must have pushed it down inside, because somehow I forgot about it. Life went on. The power of the encounter stayed with me however, because the circumstances of my life started to change radically. Seven years after the experience the angels reappeared in my life, speaking this time, as disincarnated voices through the mouth of a Canadian channel. It was, once again, wholly unexpected and occurred in informal settings among a small group of seven or eight friends. After much fascinating dialogue over a period of a month, the angels encouraged us to open ourselves to our own guardian angels. This for me started a relationship with intelligent beings of a different species who apparently ave my best interests at heart, and which continues to this day.

Who or What are Angels?

Angels are created beings, capable of feelings yet quite different from us, who exist on a slightly finer vibrational frequency from the one to which our physical senses are tuned. This means we can’t perceive them ordinarily with our eyes and ears, but they can perceive us. Our realities interpenetrate one another, and in a way the English physicist David Bohm would possibly find familiar, the angelic levels enfold and encompass ours. The finer frequencies of these inner levels, interpenetrate the denser vibration of three-dimensional matter. The angels influence our reality by working through us--to the extent they are able to, given our free choice--as they guide us in our journey. We are, in a sense, the physical hands of the angels.

There are, as might be imagined, enormous numbers of angels. Inner space seems to be full of them. Avid researchers are encouraged to consult The Urantia Book for an exhaustive survey of the celestial realms. Of these vast numbers only a relatively small host has much to do with human concerns. Most intimate, or so the angels say, are our guardians (now desiring to be called companion angels), whose own evolutionary pleasure appears to be to guide and minister to our soul’s growth as we go through the university of life.

Over time the word ‘angel’ has become generic for all those entities we can’t directly experience with our physical senses. These must, though, be great differences between, on the one hand, archangels and the types of beings whose functions span the orderly administration of a universe and, on the other, nature spirits whose work is the care and love of a single flower.

Nature spirits are generally believed to be the other angelic species who are very close to us, in their case nurturing a physical dimension which we humans share with them. Devas, who might also be called the overlighting angels of nature, have been no strangers to the human races; country people have invariably acknowledged their presence. There have probably always been Findhorns and Perelandras, places of horticultural wonder, in which our two species have worked together.

Spirit guides, from what I have been able to discover, differ from angels in that these guides have at some point been mortal beings like us, either in this world or another. Having lived the mortal life, they’ve died and moved on to the higher frequency worlds, yet have bonds of affection which draw them back to help and counsel. Spirit guides, therefore, often seem to understand us in the ways the angels do not. They know what it is like to live a life down here, whereas the angels can often be quite uncomprehending as to the emotional storms which beset us.

Our Forgotten Guides

In the remarkable book Talking with Angels the Hungarian author Gitta Mallasz recounts a series of dialogues received and recorded in Bupapest in the middle of the second World War. Four artists, managing to meet regularly through the terrible times of the Nazis closing in on their city, witness the voice of angels speaking through one of them. The intensity of the contact and the quality of the information almost burns off the page; gems of perception that resonate with truth. And underneath it all is the persistent query from the angels, “Could anything be more natural than our talking together?”.

I have come to believe, from living it, that it is our rightful heritage as humans to know and communicate with angels. Something has interfered; somewhere in the past we have become isolated from these beings and all the valuable insights and information they can give us. From researching the pre-history of our planet, it is evident that there were far distant times when the angels were more generally acknowledged. But in the latter part of the 20th century we have largely forgotten, or discounted, the reality of these beings.

Much seems to be changing however. The tremendous resurgence of interest in the celestial realms both in America and Europe over the last few years is one of the real signs of an emerging movement of the spirit. More than anything it empowers people to look within. The angels can be stern, but always joyful, teachers and guides who are invariably present when approached with an open mind and a sincere heart.

In A Handbook of Angels, the Dutch physician H.C. Moolenburgh collects numerous wonderful true stories from his patients whom he has come to accept have encountered angels. He asks us to look at the metaphor that we humans are like deep-sea divers, pottering around on the ocean bed yet almost wholly unaware that on the surface, with air lines, telephone and radio connections, are our angels doing their best to give us all the support we need. Perhaps, the doctor suggests, we are even pulled up each night and returned fresh every morning. And pulled up for good at death. It’s just that we forget so easily; but Moolenburgh claims there is a good reason for that too. To evolve we have needed to forget; otherwise we would remain, in the doctor’s words, “dependent children, overwhelmed by the grandeur of our elders.”

The Nature of Angels

Angels, like people, belong to families or clans. Many names have been given to them, but as a working model the most familiar system has angels arranged in three spheres, or categories, starting with those closest to God and moving through to those who are connected with the physical worlds. There are, then, three broad families of angels within each sphere. Naturally, there are as many opinions as there are experts as to just how many categories actually exist, what they are named, or what the functions are of each one. It was largely this sort of meaningless wrangle on the part of angel “scholars” that led to the inevitable priestcraft and the subsequent attempt to discredit the existence of angels by the new priesthood of science.

Fortunately, this hasn’t seemed to faze the angels one bit. Just because our era does not generally acknowledge their presence does not mean angels cease to exist. Rather the opposite. As our species matures, as each one of us individually awakens to the surprising dimensions of who we truly are, so the angels are becoming more available to us--to all of us, all the time, not just to special people at special times.
How do Angels Function?

A clue lies in the word angel itself, which is derived from the Greek word angelos, meaning messenger. Angels are the messengers of our creator. Within them they contain the basic patterns of creation that become ultimately manifest in our three-dimensional world. They are messengers who are themselves the message.

Angels tell us that they work with our souls, in conjunction with the universal mind, to help raise our sights and spirits by reminding us of the truth, beauty and goodness that exist within everything. By invoking our angels to help us accomplish mundane as well as inspired tasks, we can be confident that all will proceed according to higher will, and not just ours alone. Through this simple act of cooperation we are able to lose our sense of isolation. We can begin to truly comprehend that we are not alone, not unaided; that there is help and guidance all around us.

Meeting of the Worlds

In a masterfully simple diagram (shown on page 34) given us by the angels who spoke to the four Hungarian artists, and recorded in Talking with Angels, the seven levels--kingdoms or dimensions of beingness--are shown mapped over the seven chakras of our physical body’s subtle-energy system. This clearly indicates, although nothing is made of it in the text, that our chakras are also access points, or portals, to the different kingdoms.

As can be seen, humankind takes its position as “the bridge” or pivot point between what exists (the work of the devic realms), and what is coming into existence (the realm of the angels). The fourth chakra is, of course, the heart and it is through our intuitive discernment that we draw into the created world our heart’s desires. This also means coming to terms with our inner relationship with the devic realms of rock, plant and animal. To love and resonate with them, to have a caring for them, restores the balance in our lives.

In these extraordinarily powerful times it’s obviously no coincidence that the angels are once again making themselves known to our species. We have possibly never needed them so much before. Yet as we individually awaken from our dream of fear, we discover that we’re literally surrounded by life: glorious, intelligent, amused, endlessly entertaining LIFE. Sentient living forms and creatures, from nature spirits and devas, spirit guides and ascended masters, telepathic dolphins and whales and a whole variety of extraterrestrials, to the virtually unlimited inner realms of the celestials--all of us are joined in a vast living tapestry, a great matrix of life the scale of which we have little idea. This quantum leap in conscious understanding, and the living it in the everyday course of our lives, is surely one of the main learnings we can draw from the angels.

That and the opportunity to have an angel as a best friend.


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