Life Beyond Death

“Death is much simpler than birth. Earth is the borning place for the purpose of individualization.”
-‘The Life Beyond Death’
by Arthur Ford, as told to Jerome Ellison

Angels are present at both our birth and our death. They try to make sure that we are delivered safely and they are there again at the end, to deliver us to the next step in our great cosmic adventure.

Igor Tcharchovsky, the Russian midwife and originator of underwater birthing as it is now practised, has announced that he can feel an angel working through his fingers as he catches the baby with his hands. Other midwives that I have spoken to have also confirmed that part of the magic of birth, from their point of view, is the exquisite sense of the nearness of angels. Countless, of course, are the anecdotes of the angels’ presence at the point of death. Many people who have had Near Death Experiences have returned with accounts of their encounters with angels. Indeed, the first time that I ever saw them was when I was in the middle of an NDE, and the event was so powerful that it started me on my life’s interest in the angelic realms.

If we stop and think for a moment about the vital importance afforded us by our companion angels, it serves us to realize just how tenderly we are regarded by our invisible mentors. Realizing this with a full and open heart aslo goes a long way towards dissolving the perfectly natural fears we all entertain about the nature of death. Holding firmly to the belief in the existence of angels can move us away from the isolating terror of extinction. A life lived with an awareness of the angelic realms will gradually erode our fears of the unknown and will almost always allow us a joyful death.

A joyful death? Isn’t that going a bit far? And yet if, as Plato suggests, we are merely sojourners here, surely a life well-lived is the cause of great celebration. Knowing that the one who has died has passed on to an even more wonderful adventure can comfort the sense of loss felt by the still-living.

Allowing ourselves to be convinced by the prevailing materialistic thinking about death, which permits no possibility of survival, not only can make life a thoroughly dismal affair, but has certainly contributed to making death and dying into the modern nightmare they can so often become. Fear of the unknown and its ultimate dismissal, has produced a sad dilemma in the medical community at large. Doctors not only encourage patients to fight death(as opposed to making friends with it and thus losing the fear), but they end up by projecting their own fears onto the patients by trying to keep them alive far beyond the point of natural death. As if life as a vegitable is in some way preferrable to the release of that soul into a magnificent new opportunity.

All this confusion stems directly from fear. Death is indeed the last taboo. Lose the fear of death and we are able to move out from under corporate and nationalistic propaganda. We become free beings again, uninfluenced by the manipulations of those who seek to control through fear.

Many of those who have had NDEs and other direct confrontations with death have returned maintaining that their terror of extinction has vanished in the realization that death holds no finality. These are the extremes of human experience, however, but there is a perfectly natural way that we human beings can drop our fears without having to journey quite that far into the unknown; by acknowledging and believing in angels.

It is the angels, and their insistance that we see ourselves as the citizens of the Universe that we truly are; it is these sweet spirits who can, by their mere presence alone, hold promise of the soul’s continuity and the wonders of a life after death.


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