Speak to the Earth and the Earth Will Speak to You

I walk a sacred landscape as a dolphin might sonar its underwater world, every physical feature lighting up with information. I hold my senses open in wonderment as light, carrying waves of pure information, reflects and echoes from the massive rock faces and quiet meadows.

Wonderment sustains the soul in a sacred landscape: a childlike agape. It opens the heart and seems to close down awareness of minor disturbances such as sore feet or sunburn. I know that if I can hold myself open, I will be able to feel the thoroughly odd sensation resulting from the dimensional shift from the third to fourth levels of density, from my solar plexus center of daily life to the kingdom of the heart. Intuitively I know that access to the fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions is through my heart, each of the dimensions encompassing and enfolding the denser ones. Landscape, like all natural life, is a continuity within which we can experience the seven primary Earth dimensions. There are surely many more levels of reality, as there are skins of an onion, but it is these first seven levels that concern us all at this point in our evolution.

The first dimension we share through our root chakra with the rocks, the great mineral intelligence system that links all planets everywhere, inhabited or uninhabited. On planets perhaps a little more advanced in Light and Life than ours, angelic communicants tell us that solid crystal fields, sometimes miles across, receive and activate interplanetary communications. In my mind's eye I see holograms dancing in the air over a lake of glass and people somewhat like humans gliding knowingly between the glistening illusions.

The second dimension, that of the trees, plants and grasses, the wide ranging floral kingdom, is the intelligence inherent in organic matter, as well as giving us access to the overlighting spirits of nature, the devas. When I have the eyes to see it, the landscape quivers with fluid movement and bright eyes sparkling with mischievous pleasure peep from behind tree stumps and bushes. The devic intelligence is our species' first chance to encounter the angelic realms, in that nature spirits are creations of the Divine Mother. The devas tell me in moments of supreme intimacy that they have been the recipients of much of the information to which humanity was heir, had not our planet been all but isolated from the larger Universe comings and goings for so many millennia. This planet, they cheerfully inform me, is the most special world of all the ten million in this local universe, a place of miracles and wonders to come, rendered all the more delicious because of the very apparent unlikelihood of this ever happening.

The third dimension is that of animal intelligence. It is the power and elegance of natural forms so skillfully tuned to the rhythms of planetary life that an interlocking genetic matrix has been developed over the aeons which can support ever higher increments of intelligence and soul-sustaining capabilities. I listen, as I walk, to what the animals are telling me. They speak of higher forms of life still to come, of a mutation in the human species that will result in a marvelous new being. A life form, they say, that will be as much in advance of us humans as we were once to our primate ancestors. A species that can live under water, on earth and in open space; telepathic and yet still discrete entities with tasks ahead that we can barely imagine. These beings will be an entirely new form of life that will express even more fully the Divinity that dwells in us all. We humans, in whatever physical form we will have become, will then embark on our great collective enterprise: a collaboration between extraterrestrials, cetaceans and angels and the seeding and spreading of life among the planets of the first of the outer space levels.

The fourth dimension, or density, which is the ultimate destination of the planetary shift we are now experiencing, is governed and mediated through the heart. It is literally the heart of the matter, the heart of the Mother Spirit who holds us all in the embrace of the material creation. It is through the heart that we are recreating and re-enchanting this beautiful world of ours by building on the best of the past and revisioning a plausible future. There are no impossible events or scenarios of human foolishness, no pollution so severe, no radiation too dangerous, that cannot be nullified by the wise application of spiritual technologies. This planet is far too dearly loved by the larger Universe Domain to ever be allowed to destroy itself. And if we are inclined from time to time to believe that what we see on the T.V. news is the only reality, then we need to reassure ourselves that these are times of cleansing and clearing, and, as in all healings, the dross must first rise to the surface in order to be released.

It is in working with the beings of the fifth dimension, the angels, that we can have such profound effects on our immediate physical surroundings. Starting with work on the more subtle levels, the angels show us how the results of human follies can be dissolved by focused intention and the angelically amplified power of creative visualization. This is surely the Grail of human experience, the transmutation of elements sought by the alchemists, and an opportunity to serve in the deepest of ways.

As for the sixth and seventh dimensions, if you have not already ventured there, I will leave to you the exquisite pleasure of discovery. Be aware though that this is no work for the faint of heart, which is most likely why we have to spend so much of our lives in reaching the fourth and fifth dimensions of conscious activity. Bringing a strong and true heart to the party is the greatest gift we have for ALL. And ALL is the Supreme Being who reaches out and in time will overlight each one of us, each to the extent that we allow flexibility of mind and openness of heart to sustain this vast energy. It is this intelligence that bonds us all, extraterrestrial, angelic and human - and, of course, cetacea too - into one magnificent Being that expands out from the core of the Universe, as rings of energy radiate out from a stone dropped in a pond.

It is sacred landscape that anchors us into multi-dimensional actualities. It gives us the continuity we seek in our souls by holding us in a matrix that has existed seemingly forever, and yet has been modulated and stroked by the hand of time and loving attention. Sacred landscape is revelation waiting to happen and the grand library of all that we might ever need to know or practice. Sacred landscape is the bridge to the time when every aspect of life and every place on the planet is sacred.


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