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Some Speculative Scenarios on the Future of the Race

The general purpose of this article is to propose the theory that entities from our own future are intervening with the current world situation.

If, as I suspect my reasoning will demonstrate, there is even an infinitesimally small chance that our future is actively participating in the present, then it would seem an obvious and essential undertaking for at least some of us to examine ways in which we might broaden the base of that contact.

The Current Crisis

Our universe, according to the best current estimates, has been extant for about fifteen billion years. Our solar system for some four and a half billion. Given the turbulent early years of this planet we can assume that the development of organic life forms dates back about three billion years, give or take a few hundred million. Consciousness, therefore, assuming it to be a property of higher organic life forms, presumably evolved through natural selection sometime during this latter period. Individuated consciousness, a quality generally associated with the higher mammals, is a relative newcomer, probably made its first appearance within the last hundred million years.

Forty years ago the human race, the result of one manifestation of that individuated consciousness developed a way in which the presence of organic life on our planet might be destroyed for the foreseeable future. While every generation has probably thought that things are about as bad as they can get, the totality of the potential destruction is an undeniable new factor.
With the discovery of atomic and hydrogen weapons marking the start of this current period, and experience telling us that in all probability the invention of a weapon predisposes its use, Carl Sagan, I think accurately, derived a 50-year window (I’ve added 10 to make 60 because I’m an optimist) through which we have to pass to survive as a race. Assuming the discovery of the atom bomb to be the start, we are therefore forty years into this period, with 20 more years to go.

I am making the assumption too, that if we survive this crucial period we will have in some way dealt with our contentiousness as a race, without hopefully losing our courage and aggressive curiosity. If this is so, space migration will rapidly widen our parameters of survival. No longer would the chance extinction of a single planet be likely to end the existence of the entire race.

The Next Twenty Years

The possible scenarios covering the next twenty years fall into four main categories:
1. The existing power structures entrench and somehow survive the next twenty years.
2. The existing world order is totally changed and the population reduced to a handful of survivors by a series or combination of smaller wars, natural and/or man-made catastrophes.
3. The current world situation worsens leading to all-out nuclear war.
This destroys the physical presence of life on this planet for a period.
4. New factors emerge that result in planetary cooperation and a collaboration of resources.

My purpose is not to examine the implications of the first three categories, although they are inevitably touched on, but to run through some speculative scenarios based on new factors that might emerge as vital to our survival. What then are some of the issues that might contribute to an accelerated maturity in the race and how might those factors be explored and hastened?

The five scenarios I have examined that could contribute to a quantum leap in human consciousness are:
1. Benevolent Control
2. Planetary Invasion
3. Genetic Mutation
4. Extra or Intra-Terrestrial Intervention
5. Intervention from the Future

Benevolent Control

In this scenario the human race discovers a method or technique that would eliminate the need for contentious behavior without emasculating the vitality of the race.

This is the conventional area of hope for most of us in contemporary technological societies. Since the European renaissance we have put our energies behind a rational world view which has permeated our efforts to understand and come to grips with the chaos that seems to surround us. we have come to look for answers mainly from technology, and there are some very promising signs. Communication systems for instance, that are drawing us into a global village. Bio-control mechanisms like mood altering drugs or holographic consciousness models both contain the elements that, if allowed to flower, might be able to weld us into one cohesive race with a mutual sense of purpose.

However promising these models might be, they are up against the seeds of self-destruction which appear to be lodged in the very same roots of the culture which developed them. Just the capacities that drew us down out of trees and onto the plains are turning out to be promoters of the wanton destructivity that characterizes so much of ‘civilized’ life.

Until recently in the West, we have allowed ourselves to become somewhat myopic about other world views that encourage a more integrated approach to the evolution of consciousness. For instance, the eastern religious systems which on the whole tend to favor the balance of the very forces that have erupted in opposition to one another in our culture have only very recently started to create an impact on Western cultural outlooks. The Western equivalent, alchemical mysticism, seems to have had only a peripheral impact on the general tendency of technological progress.

Our dualities, whether they are war/peace, young/old, high-tech/art, dependency/independence, appear by definition to be in opposition to one another. Consequently, in the tumble to occupy the ‘good’ side of the duality we miss the potential for the creative tension between the two sides that can amplify the evolution of consciousness.

And, by placing an overemphasis on the acceptable aspect of this duality, we repress the unacceptable or negative side so that it pervades our society and causes ‘dealing with evil’ to be one of our major social preoccupations. Imagine the money and energy we expend yearly as a race ‘dealing with evil’ in one way or another!

Benevolent control therefore, whatever its sources, would have to constructively incorporate ambiguity. To function effectively this benign world-view will have to provide a healthy balance of technology and a philosophical belief system that integrates the duality of the human condition into a creative energy source.

As an example of a rather unusual approach to “Benevolent Control” and its impact of the future, I should also include the bulk of Jacques Vallees’ theories about U.F.O. manifestations. He hypothesizes that the U.F.O. phenomena is a control device manipulated by either:

(a) Top secret government organizations using psychotronic devices, or
(b) Occult groups following highly developed esoteric systems of image and thought control.

Vallee concludes that the “reason” for this sort of manipulation (whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin) is to create a grassroots change in world view, moving us away from philosophical geocentricism to a broader universal cosmology. This would therefore fall into the category of “Benevolent Control,” but with a deliberately camouflaged source point.

Planetary Invasion
This traditional science fiction scenario presumes on our tendency as a race to draw together in the face of hostile intentions.

If this did occur, and assuming that extraterrestrial entities arrived from another solar system or possibly galaxy, common sense indicates that from the technological capabilities of the aliens, this period of planetary cooperation might unfortunately last only as long as the invasion.

Aggressive beings from technological races, whatever their motive for invasion, would surely defeat the human race since their technology by definition would be superior to ours. The invaders might, of course, ultimately fall victim to earthly diseases, but if they are sufficiently intelligent they would have presumably done their homework before invading.

I have limited this category to aggressive extraterrestrials which in itself could well be merely a paranoid projection of our own destructive instincts.

If a technologically advanced race had indeed evolved without going through an aggressive adolescent period (as perhaps the whales and dolphins have here on earth) or more probably had learned how to deal with their negative, destructive energies, then it would be unlikely that they would approach us so invasively. In a sense just knowing that it is possible to transcend aggression might be example enough for the human race to leave contentiousness behind.

Other possible invaders might include a life-form that is outside our range of communication, but by its actions makes it obvious that it/they desire to occupy the planet. An intelligent virus, a nonphysical intelligence, (Fred Hoyle’s Black Cloud, for example) a “hive-mind” of some sort, could all come under this category. Dependent on the virulence or intentionality of the initial attack and how long it lasted, the existing power structures would likely pull together under on leadership for a period. This could possibly resolve in extended planetary cooperation whether we banished the invaders or negotiated a peaceful coexistence.

Genetic Mutation

Not to be confused with recombinant DNA manipulation (a late-starter in terms of its potential impact on the overall world crisis), this would include mutations wrought by a “natural” or man-made genetic change. There are three overall categories of speculation: a broad base mutation, a DNA answer, and the catchall category.

A Broad Base Mutation

Some prominent and adventurous biologists are eyeing the growing number of “wonder-children” and asking if the emergence of these special paranormal powers in the young might be signifying the start of an overall mutation in the human nervous system. Much more important, for instance, than whether Uri Geller is a fraud or not are the inevitable reports of children mimicking his televised examples of spoon-bending.

In relation to this specific mutation, the biologist Lyall Watson infers the emergence of a “contingent system,” a matrix of consciousness in which everything is in contact with everything else, and that lies encoded in the mitochondria of human reproductive cells. We can only assume what factors might be signaling this mutation, but if this tendency can be understood and encouraged rather than feared, then the race might indeed start to possess the necessary powers to right our imbalances.

A DNA Answer

Exo-psychologist Timothy Leary proposes in a perhaps more imaginative scenario that our DNA coding has only reached the four “terrestrial neurogenic circuits” and there are four coded extraterrestrial circuits in the human brain as yet untriggered. The fifth circuit (the first of the extraterrestrial) can be precipitated by a whole number of preeminently end-of-20th-Century features like rapid change, T.V., high speed, the use of psychoactive drugs and the chaos resultant from the failure of long-standing belief systems, to name only a few. He suggests that these emulate or mimic the effects of the body leaving the earth’s gravitational well, an obvious historical point, if the theory is correct, that the DNA could be expected to kick in the next neurological capability. In part demonstration of his point, he notes that a disproportionately high number of astronauts claimed to have had some form of transforming paranormal experience.

The Catch-All Category

This is largely a hodgepodge of speculations and hysterical fantasies, but through all the individual examples runs a thread that, if even remotely true, might accumulatively cause the required radical changes in our approach to reality. For all purposes, radical enough to cause a mutation. Here, in short, are just a few examples:

(a) Mutagenic Radiation

Whether by nuclear power plants, through holes in the ozone, atmospheric testing, X-rays, microwave generators of “toxic” wavelengths, whatever the source, this has certainly yielded some preconceptual and postnatal genetic changes in animals. Radiation at many of these wavelengths surrounds us and must undoubtedly be affecting our bodies in ways about which we have no real understanding.

(b) Day-to-Day Life in Technological Cultures

We know that preservatives, food additives, mass-marketing techniques, pollution of all sorts, psychological strain, overcrowding and many other corollaries of modern civilization examined in isolation can cause profound psychological and physical changes. Might these be mutagenic?

(c) The World-Wide Rise in Use of Mood-Altering and Psychoactive Drugs

We know something of the effects of these drugs on individuals but have little understanding of their impact on society.Extra or Intra-Terrestrial Intervention
Assuming the intervention benign, it could take a direct or indirect form.

Direct Intervention

After the initial impact of the first encounter sends its ripples through our belief systems, or religious structures, and our geocentric chauvinism in general, we would hopefully use the example that another technological race had solved its growing problems without self-destructing to resolve our own crisis.

Given the seriousness of the situation and our capability to destroy the planet, it is likely that a benevolent force, assuming too a wider span of intelligence, would have intervened already unless:

(a) They cannot intervene without creating destructive effects on themselves or upon us.
(b) They’re not allowed to intervene. This would imply external rules inherent in cross-species relationships or the possible existence of an external authority structure (Galactic Federation or whatever).
(c) Their “plan” involves us sorting out our own problems.
(d) They are planning to intervene at some future point.
(e) They have already directly or indirectly intervened and we are not aware of it.

Indirect Intervention

I am using this heading to cover either covert intervention without our knowledge of entities acting through human intermediaries with or without their knowledge or permission.
An example of this form of intervention might be found in Robert Anton Wilson’s suggestion that U.F.O. experience is a form of electromagnetic disturbance program designed to inculcate the cosmic philosophy of “we are not alone” deep into the human psyche. However spurious the claims of U.F.O. sightings might be, there are by now at least 20 million Americans who undeniably “think” they have seen U.F.O.s. Wilson’s approach does not depend on the objective veracity of U.F.O.s, but on the subjective effect of a “Sighting” on the consciousness of the contactee.

The sources of indirect intervention can be broken down into three broad categories:

(a) Extra-Terrestrial

Calculations based on Sagan and Drake’s formula indicate that the chances of a technically advanced race within 100 to 20,000 light years of our planet is unlikely. At the 100 light-year end of the spectrum the figure of likely civilizations in the Milky Way alone would be 5 million, which in itself would considerably lessen the importance of the human race as something needing preserving. The other extremes, calculated using the pessimistically realistic figure of 50 years as the probable life expectance of an adolescent technological society, indicates that there might be only 5 advanced civilizations in our galaxy.

Either way, it would seem unlikely that they would intervene unless we postulate a Galactic Federation Task Force that shepherds teething high-tech races through their fumbling first moves into space. And if that is the case, it is either surprising, indifferent or downright cruel of them not to have intervened and obviated the terrible suffering engendered in this century alone.

It is also possible, of course, that extraterrestrials may have observed our race at some point in our history and have decided not to have anything to do with us. Whether that speaks of a “superior” intelligence or not, we can only guess.

(b) Intra-Terrestrial

This category seems to attract some of the more weird and wonderful concepts. I include three of them because they appear to have had an extremely powerful effect on the psyche of large numbers of people.

(1) The “Old Ones” Scenario

Throughout the history of human mythology we see the reoccurrence of highly potent and magical belief systems that place our recent history in the context of four previous racial genotypes. Each race, so the theory goes, has been destroyed or has destroyed itself, or as in the case of the Old Ones, Beings of elemental power who lived in the Second Epoch, have placed themselves in an uneasy state of suspended animation deep within the earth.

This “reality” has underpinned much of European esoteric and metaphysical thinking in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and has most recently surfaced in the German metaphysician Hoerbiger’s writings which motivated many of HItler’s “Hollow Earth” theories.

If this approach does have a basis in objective reality, then the massive infusion of psychic energy and the blood sacrifices of the Second World War might well have contributed to waking the Old Ones out of their sleep.

It has also been suggested that the Old Ones create subterranean influences that may be manifesting through the proliferation of denial-oriented hypnotic cults, with their capacity to dominate people’s psyches on the deepest levels.

(2) The “Walk-In” Scenario

Ruth Montgomery, a generally reliable observer of the psychic arena, writes of an increasing number of exchanges, called “Walk-Ins,” taking place between spirits in physical form (us) and more advanced spirits not currently using bodies. Doris Lessing, in her remarkable work Shikasta is also suggesting a somewhat similar scenario.

Unless Montgomery’s scenario is a complete fabrication, she has been contacted by a number of people claiming to be “Walk-Ins,” who say they are gathering into Group Minds and are working diligently for a reconciliation of our present world crisis.

The motivating force behind these exchanges appears to be that this, the consensual level of physical reality, is needed as a testing ground for evolving spirits, and if we do destroy ourselves and render the surface of the planet uninhabitable, then these spirits no longer have a physical domain in which to evolve. In the “Walk-In” scenario, this current crisis seems to provide a splendid opportunity for adventurous spirits to work off some Karma.

(3) The Multiple Universe Scenario

This theory propounded most recently by Professor DeWitt and Dr. David Deutsch draws its basis from an interpretation of classical Quantum Mechanics. It postulates that there are an infinite number of universes coexistent with each other.

For our purposes here, the theory does not go as far as to demonstrate any direct interaction between these separate universes in a way that can be detected. This can be circumvented however, if we remember that if these multiple universes are seen in sufficient microscopic detail, they can be perceived as part of larger “Sets of Universes.” And interaction between these larger “sets” is in all probability much more observable. This approach would obviously become relevant if some way of “sidestepping” from universe to universe is possible.

Some recent theoretical discussions stimulated by Dr. David Bohm’s “Implicate Order” approach also suggests that modern physics may be on the verge of postulating a unified field theory.

If this can be well substantiated, the implications inherent in a theory which argues that all things are essentially contingent will permeate our approach to reality much in the same way as Einsteinian Physics has pervaded Twentieth Century scientific, artistic and social thought.

My own experimentation with this scenario has tentatively indicated that these parallel universes are much more available to us than we previously thought possible.Our Own Future
If we assume the reality of serial time and put aside for a moment some of the paradoxes contained in our approach to space and time as being the result of our own restricted thinking, then we can reason along the following lines:

(a) If we survive this next 20-40 years, then we can assume that the race will have a future.
(b) With the little information currently available about time travel, we can assume that it will be a practical proposition within the relatively near future, say 2,000 years.
(c) If time travel proves possible, we can assume that this particular 60-year period will be the focus of considerable attention from the future.
(d) With the level of expertise available to the future, we can assume that the crisis has been, is being, or will be resolved by intervention from the very future that the successful intervention guarantees.

It seems extremely difficult, looking at the current ongoing world crisis, to appreciate exactly what our value might be to future generations, assuming they exist. One answer that circumvents this issue is that the future needs us as a gene pool, and that solid physical roots are of continuing importance.

Therefore, speculating that future generations will need physical bodies as a base from which to develop, then the rough and tumble of the geopolitical situation could be viewed as some form of holographic movie designed to keep us occupied and in possession of a sense of control over our own destiny. I am postulating that within this scenario, the overall decisions regarding our future have already been made but that we need to go through the motions of resolving the crisis ourselves because the upheavals that inevitably lie ahead of us will only mature and strengthen the quality of the gene pool.

This article traces about a year’s worth of work, both in experimentation and information gathering.

Towards the end of the year, and just when I had completed the final scenario concerning the intervention of our own future, my life took a curious and significant turn.

I had realized through the course of my experimentation with altered states of consciousness that the power for the change had to lie with the individual if it was to have any underlying meaning. I had been very affected by Bentov’s work on a Holographic Model of Consciousness which, of course, due to the peculiarity of the hologram, potentially allows an individual unit of consciousness to have a direct relationship with, and influence over, the whole field of consciousness.

The first of the two experiences I am going to relate occurred as a result of exploring the “Walk-In” scenario. I had been wondering whether there was any way of consciously precipitating this phenomenon. Here’s what happened:

I entered a meditative state with the desire to offer my body to any Being who felt more fitted for the tasks ahead than I, but on one condition; that they also would offer over the body as a vehicle in the same way as I was doing when they felt their function drawing to a close.

Deeply into the meditation I found myself surrounded by an all-pervading white light and a vast confluence of non-corporal entities -- all benign. I became a funnel for them, one after another entering my body and turning me over to another entity in the prescribed way. My consciousness and awareness seemed to expand exponentially as I became identified with larger and more profound entities. At that point I realized that I had stumbled inadvertently onto a consciousness amplification device.

This process accelerated until I entered into a whole new realm of peace.

While in this magnificent state, I clearly felt the presence of another entity fall across me. I felt as if someone were using my assemblage of atoms to transmit a wholly different message. (The manifestation was indeed clear enough for a colleague of mine to draw.)

The sense was of a Being from many years into our own future. A scientist who deliberately interacted with me for reasons I’ve yet to see emerge. He did not speak but I have an overpowering sense that he has embedded information somewhere deep below my conscious reach. The experience lasted about half an hour.

I should add that at this point in my life, I have gained a hard won and wholehearted skepticism for all things mediumistic. On the whole, I thoroughly distrust data received in trance states and would sooner see information won from on overall application of lessons learned within this reality. But this event most certainly occurred. That’s undeniable to myself. It has had a profound effect on my life and whatever did actually happen is currently pervading my thinking.

My conscious approach is to simply suspend judgment and not build up a belief system around the event even though I feel a new reassurance of an evident existence of a future.
The second event involved meeting and being taken into the belief system of a man who suspects he is an anthropologist from the year 4,300 A.D. He feels he has been working his way back to this portion of the 20th Century through what he calls Backward Serial Reincarnation. This is a system designed to soften the cultural and neurological shock of entering a distant time and place as well as aiding a future-mutated-consciousness to interface with a 20th Century Central Nervous System.

As his confidence in this personality grows, so does his access to some really startling and revelatory information. His work with his data is of an unusually high quality and indicates an acute intelligence seeking to challenge conventional approaches to knowledge.

My acquaintanceship with this man is growing and deepening and, while it is sometimes tempting to dismiss ourselves as deluded and the relationship as based on fantasy, I have chosen again to suspend judgment.

As I said at the start of the essay, if there is a chance that the future is intervening with the present, then some of us must broaden the base for this potential contact, even if it means sailing a fine line.

Whichever way we look at it, we do not have much more than 20 years to resolve our current crisis. The time we are living through is vastly turbulent and powerful stresses and strains tear at us on all levels -- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If a change in consciousness is to happen, then the present conditions represent not only fertile turf for any mutation, but may tolerate the extreme forms necessary to survive into the future. By definition, a shift in overall consciousness is brought about and manifested in changes within each individual consciousness. If we can expand our belief systems to encompass the future, then there is reason to believe we might be able to open ourselves to contact with entities coming from this future.

For each of us as individuals, this approach, which I’ve outlined as a personal experience, can go a long way towards restoring the “power-of-change” to the individual. If my speculations are true then we no longer need to impotently stand by and watch other people making decisions that affect our lives and deaths.


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