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“We must accept that we are fully responsible for all we write or speak or create, even if we feel it to be ‘inspired.’ We do not transfer this responsibility by saying, ‘It just wrote itself through me.’ We are channels for the creative source, but not mere taps for the water to flow through.” So writes Sir George Trevelyan in his stirring “vision of hope in an age of turmoil” entitled Operation Redemption (Stillpoint Publishing, Box 640, Meetinghouse Road, Walpole, NH 03608); and the sentiment behind his statement cuts to the core of the whole business of channeling--so much so that it is reasonable to suggest that the effect the discarnate experience can have on both the channel and those in his or her immediate environment is at least as important as the content of the channeling itself.

Not that I am belittling the content, of course. To others outside the channel’s immediate circle of friends, the value of the transmitted word is bound to depend on how accurately its content resonates to their own inner Spirits of Truth. But when one reviews just a handful of the books now appearing, it becomes all the more evident that there is a creative process at work here, and not merely the phenomenon of discarnate entities trying to get their messages through.

Far more importantly to each and every one of us, as individual facets of a rapidly-evolving race, we are being trained by the Invisible to open and broaden our picture of who and what a human being truly is.

This insight appears time and again in recently channeled works and goes a long way towards dissolving the unfortunate “lowly mortal syndrome” that has bedeviled some otherwise fine mediumistic tomes. AGARTHA: A Journey to the Stars by Meredith Lady Young (also from Stillpoint Publishing) is an excellent example of this opening process in action. Through the course of the communications, we can see quite clearly how a self-styled Connecticut housewife can become a serious and finely-tuned student of occult knowledge.

And this is just the start! Her “voice,” Mentor, stresses that within the next fifty years, channeling will become the norm rather than the exception: “It will be common knowledge by then that all Universes, all creatures of creation, are working together to create the most perfect whole, wherein humankind will enter the new age of awareness, learning to integrate the mystical with the practical. One’s ‘teachers’ or ‘spirit guides’ will be as common as one’s professors at a university. The professor will teach mathematics, and the spiritual ‘teacher’ will enlighten.”

Thus, a twofold process is at work here. Not only is valuable Universe-Information becoming available with those with ears to hear, but as a race--and as individual members of that race--we are being tutored to re-perceive ourselves as infinitely more substantial than the humdrum little beings we have allowed ourselves to believe we are.

Perhaps if there is a single core belief to all resonant channelings, it is our discarnate friends’ constant reminder that we carry in our essence--or indeed are carried by--the Spirit of the Eternal One. Angels tell us in no uncertain terms that even if we do not appreciate this, they certainly see within each of us the Presence of the Invisible Father. And my recent telepathic work with dolphins has shown me that they too are insisting that we humans step forward and claim our Inner Divinity.

But what does that actually entail? Certainly not the excess of a Caligula, and most probably not the proverbial infallibility of a pope, either. With the monster Hubris breathing over our shoulders, with hypocritical ecclesiastics remonstrating the sin of spiritual pride, and suppressive myths (like poor Icarus--cast down for trying to reach the light?), it is a wonder that anyone gets through the web of pessimism and personal impotence.

Looked at in the most generous terms, the stress placed by many traditional religions om the need for intercessory castes by priests (and priestesses) has stood in the way of true personal gnosis--while scarcely preventing millennia of power-broking and denigration of the individual spirit. While this single factor--the revelation of Inner Divinity--is often at the heart of the teachings of great sages and seers, it has again and again become lost in all the rigamarole. It is therefore scarcely surprising that almost all the recent spiritual visions have reached us from outside the aegis of organized religion. It seems as though we have had to experience the imprisonment of the Spirit before we, collectively, can turn inside ourselves to find the God within.

Thus it can be seen that over these last two-hundred years, we have been privileged to receive a new and progressive form of the revelation of God to the planet. The fuel for this profound vision is to be found in the channeled works of an increasing number of courageous women and men who have stepped free from the traditional constraints to state--in any one of a number of forms--that as individuals, our central responsibility is to discover our Inner Nature and them embody this in the course of our lives.

Have you noticed? In the majority of our more recently channeled works, there has been a definite turn towards the optimistic.

“This is because of the extraordinary changes that are so soon upon you,” an inner voice broke through into my subconsciousness as I wrote. I could “hear” it in my auric field, just a little in front of me and on a level with my throat--an inner sign to me that it hails from Angelic sources. “There have been new settlements recently, as the world-mind has reached new stages of maturity. Fear has been used in the past to spur on animal natures, but this is no longer necessary. Enough have grasped in their deep minds the true nature of the Goodness of the God we all revere, to allow us, your guides, to draw you within the wonders of the Transformation now underway.”

At that, the voice stopped, leaving me holding the bag. I have this arrangement: I write until the voice comes through. That way, it is always a surprise for me.

In terms of the new spirit of possibility coming through from the Invisible, the above statement as well as other informative sources tell us that a major step has recently taken place on higher levels of Universe Management. Gone seems to be an “us and them” approach, and more now we are seeing a cooperative and co-creative effort between different dimensions and realms of reality to uplift the quality of life on our planet. So profound is this change in attitude that I find myself pondering whether, as some cosmologies indicate, the apparently sorry plight in which we find our planet may well have been directly caused by past upheaval within higher reaches of Universe Affairs.

The Urantia Book (published by the Urantia Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614) tells us about a Systemwide rebellion occurring some two-hundred thousand years ago which radically affected the orderly progression of evolved life on this planet as well as thirty-six others. More recently, The RA Material: An Ancient Astronaut Speaks, channeled through Carla Rueckert with the assistance of Don Elkins and James Allen McCarty (published by the Donning Company, 5659 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23502), states that about 3,600 years ago, entities from Orion arrived here with thoroughly nefarious motives.

A quote from RA on what became of the Ten Commandments will serve to illustrate what certainly appears to be some cosmic thinking: “I am RA. The origin of these commandments follows the law of negative entities impressing information upon positively oriented mind/body/spirit complexes. The information attempted to copy or ape positivity while retaining negative characteristics.” Much the same, no doubt, as what happened to the clarity of the teachings of Jesus.

We are warned that the purpose of the Orion group--whom, the communicant maintains, is still present within the planetary noosphere--is one of conquest and enslavement. “This is done by finding and establishing an elite and causing others to serve the elite through devices such as the laws you mentioned [the Ten Commandments] and others given by this entity [Moses], RA tells us.

Although it is my own understanding that such negatively oriented entities have recently--within the last four years--withdrawn from activity on this planet, The RA Material raises a significant issue. RA, who describes itself as a “social memory complex,” indicates that provided a channel is oriented towards service to others, the worst the Orion “crusaders” can do is to relay messages of the doom and destruction to come.

So once again, the real issue is discernment, and the only problem lies in our becoming fearful and thus losing our Divine capacity for love and faith. Even the baddies are enrolled, albeit unwittingly, in the Law of One, since the only acknowledged way of dealing with fear is facing up to it until the Peace Profound simply sweeps it away.

Speaking of positive and fearless visions, have you come across The Starseed Transmissions (available through Ken Carey, Star Route, Box 70, Mountain View, MO 65548)? The Archangel Raphael channels through an anonymous Midwesterner. Far from apocalyptic fear-mongering, it is truly a wonderful revelation and one that resonates very deeply in the heart. As one might expect from the Archangel of Healing, the picture painted is of a gentle and harmonious planetary transformation with the best aspects of everybody (and surely everybody has “best aspects”!) slipping gracefully through the Eye of the Needle.

Among the purest and most resonant of the channeled revelations to find its way into my hands these last few years is Talking with Angels, compiled by the Hungarian writer Gitta Mallasz (and published by Watkins, Charing Cross Road, London, England). These are a series of dialogues held by a group of four artists and their Angels in the tumultuous Budapest of 1943 and ‘44. In the middle of that maelstrom, under conditions of frightful tension, matters of such importance needed to be communicated that the “normal” barriers were pushed aside and Angelic voices were able to pierce the veil.

Even though events on Earth seemed at their darkest, the Angels knew that the Great Transformation was only moments away on the cosmic clock, as is shown by this quote: “This is a great Truth and to be nurtured in your hearts: That the Kingdom is so imminent as to be at its most beautiful from where we watch...” And: “There is no abyss so dark, no cliff so high, no wandering so twisted that it is not Way. Do not be led astray by horrors. Already you can walk, not only on water, but on the Void also--if you have Faith.”

The point made throughout the communications centers, once again, on the nature of Man as the Transformer. We are led to know ourselves, as any deep channeled message from the invisible realms inevitably points us to do, as a righteous and valuable part of what is occurring on this planet. With this vital role in mind, the Angels passed over to us one of the most valuable visual glyphs yet transmitted of the relationships between the various entities involved with the transmutation of planetary life. We need to study it well, because is places out order of being at the very center of all the activity.

Our function, with the aid of all other created beings, is to facilitate the co-creation of a New Reality. Each kingdom, from the mineral to the Divine, and each soul in each of the larger Souls, yields up to Man the qualities depicted. Man--the Link, we are told--must learn to give and receive all these qualities. In doing this, the breach is bridged, and the dream can become the lived reality.

As the crucible on this level of density, the New Reality is literally formed and projected out through us. And it is not necessarily the easiest course of action! The Angels give us this: “The little sprout has no idea what it will become when it grows. But it swells, it stretches, it forces its way towards the light...What it will really become depends on the intensity of its effort.

Take great heed! It depends on the intensity of its effort. It is useless for the sprout to know that in its depths lies the promise of a great tree, if it does not stretch, does not force its way, does not grow towards the light. The soil is hard, the earth is heavy--it must use all its strength to conquer them.”

The most inspiring aspect of this wonderful document is that we are able to see and feel the impact it has on the human beings involved. Possibly it is the unfortunate circumstances under which the revelation broke through, but the words of the Angels are particularly soul-stirring and immediately applicable to our present situation, in a way much channeled writing is not.

“Listen well, all of you! This is a mystery. The Word creates. It concentrates. It focuses. Put your lack into words, and thus the spark can come. Pay heed to the Word. The Word builds.”

And, since channeling by its very nature uses words, we much be aware of what we are building, of the New Reality we are co-creating. Turning back to RA again, we find our invisible friends also dealing with this issue: “Even if the universe for those around you remains disharmonious and difficult, if your mind has stayed upon the unity of the Creator, your own universe will become harmonious, and this is not by your doing, but by the simple love of the Creator.”

Here, surely, lies the nub of all our interconnections with our invisible or interdimensional friends. Their wisdom and clarity are here to remind us of who we are, wo wake those who still dwell in their dreams of fear, and allow each and every one of us open to their words to shine forth such faith in the Goodness of the Eternal One that all will know that the Sons and Daughters of God once again tread the planet.


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