The Helianx Proposition has been a persistent obsession of mine for over 30 years, although the name HELIANX floated unbidden into my mind some years earlier. At that point it was just a word, a name for something of which I’d had just a glimpse, but mainly a name of something which sounded both mysterious and utterly familiar.It was when I was contemplating the traditional Garden of Eden story, a central myth of three major Western religions, that the HELIANX once again made its appearance. After meditating on this issue one evening in 1979, I felt my right hand twitching, picked up my journal and started writing without thinking. Soon the words were pouring out in a steady gush of automatic writing.In that way the Text of the entire Helianx Proposition came through in one fluid and continuous flow. Rare enough event when that happens, I decided to take it seriously enough to calligraph, illustrate and subsequently write a Commentary on the Text--thoughts and concepts that had popped in my mind over the long 30 years it has taken to complete the project.Included in the handmade, Giclee printed, archival, limited to 57, Collectors Edition, are two DVDs and two CDs of spoken word material which emerged over the years of creating the book. One DVD is of me reading the book with superb graphic animation by videographer, Flame Schon, and music by Emmy-winner, Jim Wilson.
I believe that The Helianx Proposition, whether it ever proves to be more than a charming, if disturbing, story, will further open the reader’s mind to the grand possibility of a vast and inhabited Multiverse, stranger and more mysterious than we can imagine.
The Helianx Proposition will be appearing in four different editions, to suit the reader’s pocket. However, the Collectors Edition and the Signature Edition of 210 have been specifically designed in archival materials, hopefully to become a book passed down through the generations, to continue to puzzle and provoke for a thousand years.
The signed and numbered Collectors Edition, with an archival clamshell box, is currently available from my website, or from the Daynal Institute Press, and costs $1500. Allow six weeks for delivery.




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