The Age of God

Life appears to be heating up again. The old chicken soup metaphor holds particularly true as the corruption and distortions of our long, dark age rise to the surface to be seen and released. Our governments and corporate leaders watch as their control slips through their fingers; monolithic power structures crumble;the infrastructure of a materialist global civilization starts to fray at the edges, and the old ways that have held autocratic dominion over our hearts and souls and that have functioned for centuries to suppress the human spirit, no longer work.

Enron collapsed because it wasn’t in tune with the deepest currents of these changing times. And it is just the start. The zeitgeist is moving everything towards exposure and reconciliation. These are wondrous moments in human history which we’ll doubtless look back at with an odd mixture of astonishment, pride and a pleasant disdain, as we move as a race progressively more into fifth-dimensional consciousness. A development as massive as this effects everybody so we just need to sit tight and let go of all the old patterns of behavior, both as individuals and as groups. It’s about all we can do. These transformations have been in the works for generations, shepherded by the saints and sages of every human culture and the caring hands of the invisible worlds--the extraterrestrials and the angels--in a Divine plan set out before the dawn of time. We all knew in our hearts that this time was coming, it’s probably the very reason we chose to incarnate here in the first place.

A warning: World affairs will look really bad for a while, but reconciliations will begin to break through in surprising ways and in all sorts of unexpected places. Many of us will be the instruments of these new liaisons, led to heal situations by doing what is most natural to us. In among all the chaos of a disintegrating world view we will be able to shine through clearly our message of Truth, Goodness and Beauty, restoring the shattered confidence of a world maddened by spiritual isolation. It’s what we have been so long and well trained to do.

It will sometimes seem as if we have failed miserably in our care for planet Earth and we will frequently need to remind ourselves that this is simply the old crud working its way to the surface of planetary consciousness to be released. The truth will shine through, bright and sure. We will blame ourselves for having allowed half wits and impostors to be elected to high office; most of us already feel dreadful that we have permitted our forests, air and waters to deteriorate to their current state of affairs; that we have allowed our children to be deprived of any sort of real education; that we have let corporate greed run wild in our global economy; that national and tribal conflicts are ever more pressing and destructive and worse; that we in the West have grown rich and fat by arming a world to defend itself against our own worst “civilized” depredations.

All this is as it has to be. The distortion is the result of thousands of years of hard wired corruption and endemic cultural egotism, the out workings of an angelic rebellion which left our planet isolated and largely in the hands of beings who had no great concern for the wellbeing of their planetary charges. All this will need to be exposed to the light of a new day and is a natural corollary of the development of the strong, independent consciousness that we will need for the Universe tasks that lie ahead. Being isolated from the larger Universe context for so long has allowed us to develop a degree of faith and a trust in the indwelling Spirit that is very much sought after by those who administer Universe affairs.

When we finally move through the dimensional shift--the vast change in consciousness that separates the primary dimensions of the higher life forms--we will be bringing this new reality of ours with us. The old conflicts of duality will have been left long behind. This is the deepest process of regeneration. It is the story of our soul’s growth and will mark our coming out as Universe citizens and manifestations of the Living God.

We have been long and elegantly trained--some even claiming that we have been debauched by over-training--in the deep reaches of Dreamtime and in our unconscious minds to recognize the profound change in consciousness that results from shifting our regular, third-dimensional thinking to the more encompassing realms of a fifth-dimensional awareness. Here, we are all players of vast and ancient wisdom, drawn to this little blue/green world somewhat off the major star routes, incarnating from the inner worlds of the angels, meeting and conjoining with aspects of our multi-dimensional selves who have tumbled down through time and space, through the great star systems that play host to the physical bodies of these gods-in-the-making, and are drawn here by our sense of service--of fun, love and excitement--to the great unfolding drama of creation.

God is on the move again. SHe probably never stopped. Like tectonic plates, caught and then suddenly released, we all lurch ahead, our great group consciousness one step nearer the coming new age, the True Age, the Age of God.


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