The Pulse of Life

The sacred is only a breath away.

We always have the breath to return to. This is as much a Zen proposition as it is the consistent advice of the angels. Our species is blessed with an ever-present device for returning us to a conscious body-awareness, and thus to a sense of wholeness. Wholeness. Holiness. They are really not that very different, are they?

I recall that when the angels first made themselves known to a small group of friends in Toronto, Canada, in the early ‘80s, the angel Shelenea had these encouraging words to say: ”A realization of healing is an achievement of excellence in this world. For to be healed is to be made whole, to be made holy. And then the opportunity is given the healed one to reach out a hand and heal others. Through this you will know the nature of the healing network whereby many, and in time all, will be raised up into the New.” (*1)

Later, when the angels were teaching us how to make contact with them, they placed great emphasis on the breath, showing us how to use it to release thought forms, how to focus on our breath to cent

er ourselves and how to quiet our minds so that we could better hear their subtle voices. Yet, it always came back to the breath.

This has made me ponder about our cousins, the dolphins. Here we have conscious breathers. Every breath is a decision, a willed motion to the surface. A newborn dolphin has to be brought to the surface by dolphin midwives for its first conscious breath.

What impact, I wonder, would this have on an intelligent species; that they exist in an environment essentially hostile to their life and from which they have to emerge to receive their source of life? Could their uniquely kind and cooperative natures spring from this condition? They would, after all, be continually looking after each others’ wellbeing. The pod bonding which must result from this level of interdependence must be something we can only dimly comprehend from the closest of our family relationships. Perhaps it is this caring that has allowed them to preserve their environment for the 40 or 50 million years that they have been around.

# # #

I know that when I allow myself the time to focus on my breath I can start to feel what I call “the breath of the world.” I can feel the whole world breathing around me and, after a while, the world itself seems to be breathing me. Doing this, I find that I can more completely experience being part of the world.

The angels also remind us that it is through the breath that we can become well-grounded; that as creatures who dwell primarily in the first three dimensions, we can fully play our part as human beings by being solidly grounded, by being very much part of the Earth.

Although this might sound a bit odd to those who consider being spiritual as having more to do with the higher vibrations of the top three chakras, the angels stress that our role is as a link between the higher and the lower dimensions. The seven main chakras are portals to the seven dimensions within which we are currently drawing our existence. The bottom three chakras the angels refer to as World created, since they are governed by the Devas of the rock, plant and animal kingdoms; the top three, throat, ajna and crown, they call World creating, since it is the patterns passed through to us from the higher dimensions of the angels and the archangels that contrives and modulates the reality we perceive around us.

We, humans, stand at the pivotal point, the bridge between the devic and the angelic, the link between what is and what is about to be. Our kingdom is that of the Heart. The fourth chakra. Ideally, by focusing on the heart chakra we can balance the more abstract intentions of the angelic realms with the nuts-and-bolts reality of third-dimensional existence.

It is also through the breath and the creative visualizations associated with the movement of pranic energy that we can release long-held, fear-trapped thought forms from our emotional and physical bodies. And it is through the breath that we can stabilize our minds enough to receive the help and counsel of the angels (*2).

The angels assure us that each of us possesses the built-in ability with which to open to their presence, the most natural thing in the world, the power of conscious breathing.

(*1) Quoted from Dolphins, Ets & Angels by Timothy Wyllie and publ. by Bear and Co. 1993.

(*2) The GRACE Process, in Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel, Andrew Ramer and Timothy Wyllie and publ. by Ballantine Books. 1992.


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