The Universal Garden

A strongly held belief, or a full knowing, of angels allows our limited human world view to break open. The fact that we are not alone in the Universe, as we have been led to believe by scientific materialism, opens up the human psyche to the deeper mysteries of life.

Because we have angels who guide us , when we do allow for their existence, we gradually start comprehending that there is a vast plan afoot: A master plan that has always been the cosmic template leading to the extraordinary events ahead. When this is understood it sometimes comes in the form of visions and sometimes through an inner certainty that we are ultimately cared for by the larger Universe and that everything is on-track and perfect.

The fact that we encounter our angels before the possibly even greater ontological shock of contact--to use Dr. John Mack’s term for the conscious impact of the ET presence on an abductee’s beliefs--with our extraterrestrial cousins, appears to be part of the natural growth of the larger planetary wisdom.

There is something of the gardener is all this. As a gardener might nurture his genetic successes, pruning, splicing and setting challenges to strengthen a species, so must angels tend and guide human bloodlines through the course of history. The Urantia revelation tells us that life itself was implanted on this planet by an angelic group whose function it is to design the biosystems and to set the course of evolution on inhabitable worlds.

The growth of a human species is clearly of great importance to the angelic realms. They tell us that this is because it is their function to mold ever-better, more capable physical vehicles for the Great Spirit that inhabits us. They ask us to be bold and courageous as we face life, and to take on its challenges willingly and to know that as we do so, we set a corrective stamp on the world mind. Each of us, by making these small adjustments to the way we approach life ( and we all know what those adjustments ought to be), can be part of the larger corrective impulse that is helping swing humanity out of its self-destructive orbit.

Massive changes are on their way. We all know this is our guts. We see the changes in the weather patterns; the steadily increasing hole in the ozone; water pollution and over-fishing; the rising onslaught of militarism; the interminable strife and the cruelty of East Timor, the Balkans or Iraq; the list can become endless. We see all this on our TVs, or it’s in our faces if we live in cities, and the almost overwhelming temptation is to get pulled into the fear, into the cauldron of out-of-control emotionality.

It is at these times that it is vital to learn to turn to our angels. This opening not only provides correct and appropriate guidance when we really need it but, as importantly, it also reinforces our expanding understanding of a benign and loving Universe, in which we are ultimately cared for.

The ability to listen to our angels, to our own inner guidance system, is precisely one of the most important factors that this period of intense challenges is all about. Knowing where we are supposed to be and what we are truly meant to be doing, will be a sure passport through the chaos of the next twelve years.

To continue the metaphor of the gardener one step further would be to appreciate that a responsible nurturing hand would never allow the garden to devolve totally out of control--although it sometimes might seem that way from within the system. This planet is of far more value (apparently) to the larger Universe frame than most of its inhabitants can have any idea.

Or, to use another convenient metaphor: If the Universe is, in fact, a University for the continuing education of souls, would any responsible teacher allow the students to destroy themselves, or the kindergarten? And in a Universe as large and as densely populated as this one appears to be, the growth and evolutionary development of such scrawny will-creatures such as ourselves must be a very well understood process. Risky, of course. Especially when they reach any level of technological hubris. But certainly no real problem.

To realize that we have all the help and guidance in the world goes a long way towards broadening our understanding of what is going on around us. As world affairs continue to heat up, as nature appears to rebel against us more and more, as the animal emotions rise to the surface to be released, as all these signs that we are at the end of a long cycle manifest, governments will use the fear generated by these convulsions to further attempt to pacify their populations. At this point, all our training and development, our surrenderings and openings, our facing of our fears, all the immense challenges of spiritual growth will slip into a new gear. It will be quite clear what needs to be done. As in John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany, his magnificent exploration of faith and predestination, we will wake up to see that everything of value in our lives has led irrevocably to these moments of truth.

This is why the angels have assured us that the transition to come will ultimately be a smooth one. It is truly a massive plan, involving angels and ETs alike, and whomever amongst us humans have aligned ourselves with a positive transformation. It is not the chaos that it will appear to be from the inside. What we are about to go through is well understood. For example, entities from the star system Arcturus say that they are here observing and extending a helping hand to any who can respond to them, because they went through just such a transformation themselves a few thousand years ago.

If we aspire ourselves to be good gardeners, then surely we must accord our angels the similar dignity. We may well imagine that our world situation is slipping into darkness, but I doubt very much whether the angels see it in this way. With their wider perspective they nurture the good that is emerging, knowing that the very best of us will rise to the occasion. If we can hold firmly to the belief that everything is in good hands, even though it may look chaotic in the short term, then we are all the more capable of listening to their subtle guidance and of being of the service for which our long period of training has so well prepared us.


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