Confessions of A Rebel Angel


I feel that in many ways all the books I have written so far have led up to this working relationship with Georgia, a Watcher, and one of the angels who aligned herself with Lucifer at the time of the rebellion among the angels.
It’s curious collaboration and one I never expected even though I’ve been consciously working with the angels for over 30 years. It’s also an intriguing confluence of two pressing intentions; Georgia’s determination to examine her half-a-million years of service on this world; and my long-held desire explore the many facets of the Lucifer Rebellion and the impact it has had on this planet over the last 200,000 years.

Those who’ve read my previous books will know of my interest in the rebellion among the angels, as well as some of the conclusions I’ve reached and the propositions I’ve introduced. My three books in The DETA Trilogy represent my own own attempts to understand what is occurring on the world in the light of the assistance we are receiving from non-human intelligences. Although all three books were written with the gentle encouragement of the handful of angels I work with, they were written entirely by me, and the ideas as well as the errors are mine, and only mine.
Writing with Georgia is completely different. It’s not channeling: I’m not taking dictation. It’s a true collaboration, as though I had another person in the room, only with Georgia, I experience her as inside me--and this is probably more for my convenience than hers. Having invoked her presence at the start of a writing session, she has me relax and listen to the BBC talk radio on earphones--to distract my monkey-mind, she says--and then wait for her words to rise to the surface of my consciousness. We then discuss it together, sometimes she’ll have me do research on this or that, and between us we’ll construct and write the sentence or the paragraph together. I don’t plan the books in advance and after a day of writing I seldom remember a word of what was written. And although I’m named as author, it is Georgia who truly deserves the credit.

When Georgia originally approached me with this project in 2009 and I grasped what she wanted to do, her need to explore the past 500,000 years from what she observed of it, it fitted in perfectly to what I’ve been wanting to investigate for at least 20 years. I’ve had three unsuccessful attempts over the years, yet I’ve never able to find the right voice or point of view until Georgia came along. And because she explained she has been with me throughout this lifetime--and a number of earlier lifetimes, too, which I didn’t find out until later--I asked her if she would also review my life from her point of view. Thus, the volumes we’re writing together, of which this is the first, entwine these two threads, her story and mine, which run like two currents throughout the book.

The core insight that emerges in my recent book, The Return of the Rebel Angels, that the angels who once aligned themselves with Lucifer have been, and are now, incarnating as human beings as part of their redemptive journey, is here explored in far greater depth by Georgia in her Confessions.
Georgia and I are writing together as a shared adventure of the spirit which seems to consume us both. I have no doubt there are many other rebel angel incarnates who will find our lives resonate with them in ways that will help deepen their knowledge of themselves. After all, when we know who we really are, when the knowledge of our own true nature is no longer blurred by amnesia, then the lens through which we perceive the World, the Multiverse and Everything, clarifies, and the deeper meaning and the redemptive purpose of our lives becomes gloriously evident.

Are we not all doomed to become perfect?




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Confessions of A Rebel Angel

Timothy Wyllie

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