The Process Propaganda


This is a book I never thought I would see in print--which makes it all the more surprising and delightful that Feral House have now published it in such an elegant volume.

The book has a curious history. When I was first approached by Adam Parfrey of Feral House in 2006, it was because of his interest the PROCESS magazines and, in particular, the magazine’s approach to graphic design. As Art Director of the magazine, I must have seemed the best person to talk to; and as one of the few senior members of The Process to ever leave the community, I was also prepared to speak openly about this mysterious group.

The more Adam and I talked the more he realized there was a much more substantial book in the offing which would feature The Process Church, its history, its cosmology, and all its adventures through the 1960s and ‘70s. This resulted in Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment, that Feral House published in 2009.

That, I thought, was going to be that.

Then, much to my surprise, Feral House went ahead to publish this very fine limited edition which features facsimile editions of the three best magazines--the Sex Issue, the Fear Issues, and the Death Issue. Considering that PROCESS magazines are now a rarity and sell online for exorbitant sums, this book is not only a visual and anthropological feast, it’s an economic benefit for the buyer.

I’d all but forgotten my graphic design for the magazines done over forty years ago so I was astonished yet again to find my designs were being lauded as the English progenitor of modern psychedelic magazine design. And to think I was completely straight at the time!

Love sex fear death

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The Process Propaganda

Timothy Wyllie

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The Process Propaganda
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