The Return of the Rebel Angels


This book is the third in my DETA Trilogy that I started writing in 1980 to chart and explore the assistance we are receiving on the planet from non-human intelligences. After completing the first book in 1984 --Dolphins ETs & Angels--and having my eyes opened to the larger Multiverse context, I set out to write a book each following decade to describe and analyze what was occurring in the non-human realms. This led to Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences in 1992 and to this book, The Return of the Rebel Angels, in 2011.

I found that once I had set the intention to focus on this area of interest, as the years passed, it opened up a number of other interrelated avenues, which this third book aims to explore.

My approach to researching non-human intelligences has been to throw myself wholeheartedly and with an open mind into whatever experience I am presented with in my spiritual adventures. When I started my investigations I had absolutely no idea I would end up writing about angels, let alone rebel angels! Although I’d encountered angels over the course of my Near Death Experience in 1973, I didn’t know about the Lucifer Rebellion and its impact on this world. And as for rebel angels, I thought they were merely a convenient trope used by film scriptwriters to terrify their audiences.

In fact, I could say that it has taken me my full 30-year journey into what is essentially foreign territory to come to terms with the fact the rebel angels are very real indeed. Except, they are not the loathsome creatures of a Hollywood movie, they are, as Pogo might have suggested, us! Not everyone, by any means, but my sources tell me there are currently about 100 million rebel angels who have chosen a mortal incarnation on this world as their chosen path of personal redemption. Most are unaware of their angelic spiritual heritage but merely feel very different from the people around them. It is for these incarnate rebel angels that I believe this book will be of most value.


The Return of the Rebel Angels

by Timothy Wyllie

January 2012

Planet Earth is soon to be transformed, and along with it our consciousness.

While we may have to endure traumatic changes as the planet rebalances itself, our spiritual transition will be gentle, according to one of Timothy Wyllie’s angelic guides. Wyllie is a writer, artist and musician who has been tapping into non-human intelligences – angels, dolphins, ETs – since the early 1970s and taking on board and spreading their messages for humanity.

Wyllie is particularly inspired by the famous Urantia Book which says that 200 millennia ago, 37 planets, ours included, were quarantined to prevent the spread of the Lucifer rebellion within the angelic hierarchy. He considers the effect that this had on our planet and provides a timely update: that the quarantine has been lifted, that the fallen angels have been forgiven, and that the Earth and humanity are being reconnected to our spiritual heritage within the multiverse.

In his mind-expanding work, The Return of the Rebel Angels, Wyllie recounts his tales of out of-body travels, reincarnation, healing and “re-enchanting” the sacred landscape. He rediscovers ancient oracles and explains how negative thought-forms become realized. He enlightens us on working with nature spirits, the return of Quetzalcoatl of the Toltecs and Aztecs, the frequency domains of the holographic multiverse, and the pervasiveness of love in the cosmos. He also presents eight examples of his amazing artwork as color plates.

As humans, our “ascension” potential is our birthright, and Wyllie proclaims that we’re all “doomed to become perfect”. Way to go!

The Return of the Rebel Angels

by Timothy Wyllie

February 2012

The Return of the Rebel Angels is the third in a series Timothy Wyllie has produced over the last twenty-seven years. This most current offering both summarizes and surpasses its two predecessors: Dolphins, ETs and Angels and Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences. The previous two were explorations of the territory. The Return of the Rebel Angels is a summation based on three decades of reflection and refining of Wylie’s ideas.

The concept of Urantia, meaning Earth, comes from The Urantia Book, first published by Urantia Foundation in 1955. They claim the book was presented by celestial beings as a revelation for our planet.

The teachings in The Urantia Book purport to instruct mankind on the genesis, history, and destiny of humanity and our relationship with God. The life teachings of Jesus are presented as a means to reveal details of mankind’s ascension in a friendly and carefully administered universe.

The Urantia Book asserts that two-hundred millennia ago thirty-seven planets, including our own, were quarantined from the rest of the Multiverse to quell the spread of the Lucifer rebellion within the angelic hierarchy. After eons of isolation, the fallen angels have been forgiven and earth’s connection with the Multiverse is being restored, initiating a massive transformation of consciousness as we reconnect with angelic guides and extraterrestrial beings, thereby reclaiming our spiritual heritage as sacred vessels for God’s presence.

The Urantia Book is a tough nut to crack for some people, your truly included. Timothy Wyllie is an iconoclast who believes that the Lucifer Rebellion, which the text describes as the crucial event in earth’s history, has ended. The Return of the Rebel Angels, however, covers the author’s own spiritual autobiography, and includes an examination of his conclusions over the years. Wyllie says that we are now in the throes of a very difficult readjustment. While he doesn’t hold that December 2012 will see a definitive shift in our fortunes and destiny, he does believe it likely that a profound change will come then or soon after, and we need to not just be braced for it, but open to the liberating result of the crisis.

The reader will be struck by the author’s seeming earnestness as well as the description of his encounters with odd individuals, his experiences of ET-influenced events, and his various psychic and mystical awakenings. The book’s weakness is that Wyllie uses his own experiences as much of his primary testimony. He is aware of the thin line he walks and how easy it is for a seeker to be willfully self-deluded. The book’s strength lies in its optimism, and Wyllie’s open-minded intelligence. “It’s not ‘a world that needs to be saved,’ it’s a playpen created for individual souls to wake up within,” he declares in his preface, and the following book explores the implications of that idea. In the final chapter “We’re Doomed to be Perfect”, it’s plain that the author thinks that any purgatorial aspect of the world’s current material and spiritual conditions are but passing phenomena.

His concept of rebel angels is drawn from The Urantia Book and assumes that large numbers of the beings who joined the Lucifer Rebellion are now working off their karma in human form. This also means they are entering a path of evolution, a process that’s attracted other angelic beings not involved in the original rebellion at all. Whether taken literally or metaphorically, this is a striking vision.

Many will find this book strains credulity, but it is an intriguing and well-written tome, and I recommend it for those who are open to the adventure. How seriously anyone should take it, I leave to the discernment of the reader.

Reviewed by Frater Puck




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The Return of The Rebel Angels

Timothy Wyllie

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